Tsum Valley Trek

Duration: 18 Days(5)of 20 reviews


  • Duration 18 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max. Altitude 3,700 m | 12,139 ft.
  • Trip Start and End Kathmandu
  • Trip Area Kathmandu - Soti Khola - Machha Khola - Jagat - Chisopani - Chumling - Chokhangparo - Nile - Mu Gompa - Burgi - Chumling - Philim - Khorlabesi - Soti Khola - Kathmandu
  • Best Season March - May, September - November


  • Walk through the undiscovered region of Manaslu
  • Experience a deeper understanding of the less-explored area of Tsum Valley
  • Explore different monasteries, gompas, and chortens
  • Get a direct taste of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Get majestic views of Hiunchuli and Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Poshyop Glacier
  • Experience the beauty of cascading rivers, waterfalls, and long suspension bridges in this region.
  • Meet locals, and lamas, and learn about their unique way of life

Tsum Valley Trek is an insightful exploration of the remote Tsum valley in the Manaslu region of the Himalayas. This is beautiful trekking that goes deeper into the remote but wonderful valley. As a wonderful and remote adventure, this trek attracts many peaceful adventure lovers every year to enjoy the charm that it has.

The hidden wonders of the region keep surprising the visitors throughout the trip. The wonderful cultures of the places along the trail give an in-depth insight into the lifestyle of people living in the region. Himalayan views are so spectacular that bestow the magical charm upon the trekkers throughout the trip.

As the trek goes higher and enters Tsum Valley leaving the Budhi Gandaki river valley behind, Buddhist life becomes more apparent. Exploring the Buddhist monasteries and villages in the region reflects the life inspiration of the people living there.

The trek starts low at the Budhi Gandaki river valley and advances higher ahead towards the Tsum valley. We will get near the Nepal-Tibet border when you reach Mu Gompa. Nature, culture, spirituality, and adventure are all in their best exposure making this trip a real, wonderful adventure. This trek is less crowded compared to other treks in Nepal so you have a peaceful time exploring the wonders all the way along.

NOTE:It is recommended that you should arrive in Kathmandu a day earlier before you start your trek (if you do not have a day tour of Kathmandu scheduled). And If you have scheduled a Kathmandu day tour you should arrive two days before the actual day of trekking.

If you can arrive a day earlier, it will be best for you as you will get some time to rest, know about the trekking you are doing, get info about the trekking routes, and get time to buy trekking equipment if necessary. Adding some extra days besides actual trekking days will help you enjoy your trip to Nepal to the fullest without having to worry about any preparations, flight delays, and missing international flights.


The itinerary explains all about the unexplored destination which you will be crossing while doing the Tsum valley trek. You will be well know how much to hike when to stop and what you will be doing on a particular date and day after going through Tsum Valley Trek's detailed Itinerary.

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In accordance with your flight schedule, we will be at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu to extend a warm welcome to you in our beautiful country for the beautiful trip. After exchanging warm welcome greetings at the arrival section, we will lead you to our vehicle to drop you off at our trip hotel. It’s a day at complete leisure, you will be on your own and you can do whatever you want to do for refreshment. But we definitely will be happy to guide you around the city.

On the second day of arrival, we will be interacting with each other. After early breakfast, every guest needs to arrive at Company to review their trip so that they can buy and manage the required stuff for their trips. After talking about the trip we will be taking our guests for a cultural sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley. The destination for sightseeing includes Swoyambhunath - the oldest monument in Kathmandu valley, Kathmandu Durbar Square – to see the temple of Living Goddess and other medieval architectural wonders, Pashupatinath – to immerse into Hindu death rites on the bank of a holy river, and Boudhanath – a massive Buddhist shrine considered as the biggest in the world.

It’s a long day drive to the trek starting point. About 7 hours of the drive takes us to Soti Khola today. We set off on this exciting overland journey early in the morning. The drive goes along the Prithvi Highway and runs along the bank of Trishuli River for a few hours and enters Budhi Gandaki River valley crossing the river Trishuli.

The day will give us beautiful glimpses of the rural life of Nepal. As the drive goes past many different towns along the highway, we can notice the local lifestyle there. We reach Soti Khola, a beautiful settlement in the Budhi Gandaki river valley, and settle in a guest house for an overnight stay.

From the fourth day onward we will organize official trekking. We will question and check up guests if they are okay and if their physical condition is top-notch for trekking or not. Once the health check-up is completed we are all set to start on the adventure trekking part of our trip. On the first day of trekking in the Manaslu region, we feel the excitement within us that takes us forward on hours-long walking the day.

The trail follows Budhi Gandaki River valley with exciting sceneries along. The destination of our walk today is Machha Khola. On our first day of the trek encounters several wonderful sights of beautiful villages, forest walks, terraced farmlands, and waterfalls along the trail. We walk at a gentle pace and enjoy the day as we advance towards Machha Khola for an overnight stay.

We relish the breakfast and get ready for the adventure walk of the day. Our walk today will bring us across a place called Tatopani where we can see some natural hot springs. The trail still follows Budhi Gandaki River valley and winds up the hill towards the destination. Suspension bridges that come along the trail make our adventure even more interesting.

Our walking adventure of the day goes past Khorlabesi village, Tatopani, and several other interesting sights that give us an exciting mixture of culture and nature in the region. We reach Jagat after about six hours of paced walk.

We start the day after breakfast and trek towards Chisopani. The trail winds up and down and gives us a thrilling experience of walking. We walk past Salleri, Philim, and Sirdibas villages before reaching Chisopani for an overnight stay. We can enjoy some spectacular views of Sringi Himal along the trail. About five hours of walking experience on the third day of trekking adventure brings joyful moments along the trail that keeps us motivated to go further along the adventure journey. 

The adventure walk today has lots of wonderful moments for us as we trek to Chumling after breakfast. We trek towards Ekle Bhatti on a gently flat trail. The trail descends after Ekle Bhatti and reaches the point where the trail splits into two different routes – one leading to Tsum Valley and the other heads to the Manaslu circuit journey. We obviously follow the Tsum Valley trail and walk further leaving the second route behind. The walk today brings us views of mountain peaks like Himalchuli, Boudha Himal, and Sringi Himal. Once we reach Chumling, we can visit the village and monastery there.

Our walk for the day starts after savoring the mouthwatering breakfast early morning. The stretch of the walk today to Chokhangparo has breathtaking views of mountains. We have to cross a few suspension bridges along the trail that passes through Rainjam, Gho, and Tsum before reaching Chokhangparo. Great views of Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli, and other spectacular sights make our day full of Himalayan wonders. We are going to be around 3,000 meters above sea level when we reach Chokhangparo.

We trek higher to the Nile on our trek today. We tread at a gentle pace along the winding trail up and down the mountain. We see a clear influence of Buddhism in the area where we are trekking in. We stop shortly at a Buddhist nunnery along the trail to explore it a bit. We walk to Lar village and move ahead towards Phurba, Pangdun, and eventually to the Nile. Once we reach the Nile, we might like to go for a walk around and up to a monastery to explore.

The walk today takes us to Mu Gompa closer to the Nepal-Tibet border in the Himalayas. Spectacular views of the mountains, as we walk up to the destination today, fill our striving with joy and adventure. Once we reach Mu Gompa after about three hours of walking, we go for an exploration trip to a monastery called Dhepu Doma monastery. Exploration of high-altitude surroundings and monasteries helps us adjust to the increasing elevation. We stay overnight at Mu Gompa.

It’s an extra day at Mu Gompa for an exploration of the wonders in the area. A visit to the Mu Gompa monastery, the largest Buddhist monastery in the Tsum valley region, gives us an insight into the Buddhist traditions practiced there. We might also opt to hike up to Pika Himal base. The day at Mu Gompa is full of adventure thrill and cultural immersion. We stay overnight at Mu Gompa. 

After exploring the Mu Gompa area and collecting beautiful memories, we are on the way back down on our trek today. We are trekking to Burgi village via several other beautiful villages. About five hours of trekking goes through the villages of Chhule and Phurba before reaching the destination. Once we reach the destination, we go to explore an ancient cave where the famous Tibetan saint Milarepa is believed to have stayed and meditated. The cave is called Milarepa Cave. We can get beautiful views of mountain peaks and glaciers from here.  

We enjoy the breakfast and trek all the way back to Chumling. We trek past Chokhangparo and Gho villages on our descent towards Chumling. We enjoy the trail from a very different angle and perspective and see the things around us differently. We cross a river and continue trekking to the destination. 

It’s about seven hours of trekking today on the way to Philim. The trail we walk along is the same that we took on the way up but it’s a different experience walking on it from the other side. We trek past Lokpa and come across a beautiful waterfall called Samba waterfall. We eventually reach Philim and stay overnight.

We trek past Jagat and Tatopani villages on the way to Khorlabesi today. The trail descends to Sirdibas, Jagat, and Yaruphant. It goes even further down to Dobhan and Tatopani. We continue on the trek to Khorlabesi. The stretch of the walk today brings several wonderful views along before reaching the destination.

We have already reached the Budhi Gandaki river valley so our walk today is going along the river. We walk back to Soti Khola. The trail takes us past a beautiful village, Labubesi, which is an ethnic Gurung settlement that we passed along on the trek up towards Tsum Valley. We eventually reach Soti Khola after about six hours of walking along the beautiful trail.

We are setting off on our last day of trekking journey and then driving back to Kathmandu. We trek to Arughat Bazar for about four hours along the Budhi Gandaki river valley. We take the opportunity to enjoy every moment of the last day of trekking before we get on the transport back to Kathmandu.

Once in Kathmandu, we spend leisurely time back in the chaos of the city after so many days of serene mountain air and incredible adventure.

    On the last day of this trip, we drive you to the airport as per your flight schedule back to home or onward destination.

    We definitely hope that you enjoyed the Tsum Valley Trek and hope to see you for another adventure soon.

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    • Cultural sightseeing tour of Kathmandu
    • Walk through the undiscovered region of Manaslu
    • Inspiring simplicity and innocence of the people living in the region
    • Experience a deeper understanding of the less-explored area of Tsum Valley
    • Explore different monasteries, gompas, and chortens
    • Get a direct taste of Tibetan Buddhism
    • Get majestic views of Hiunchuli and Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Poshyop Glacier
    • Experience the beauty of cascading rivers, waterfalls, and long suspension bridges in this region.
    • Meet locals, and lamas, and learn about their unique way of life

    Useful Info

    In Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, your safety precedes every other thing. As this adventure entrails travelling in the remote mountainous region, we are always at mercy of nature. During the trip, the factors such as weather, natural disaster or a multitude of other factors which are beyond our control can subsequently bring the changes in the itinerary. Although all the itinerary we provide to you is guided and standard; please note that your team leader has the authority to alter or even drop the planned itinerary of any part if it is necessary due to safety concern. All the alternations or changes of the standard itinerary are made by the leader by taking into consideration the best interest of the whole group. We give our best effort to stick with the above-mentioned itinerary; however, in case of any unpredicted event which is beyond our control, you need to be flexible and take after the guideline as instructed by your leader.

    Note that the company won’t be responsible for any result of alterations on itineraries or any delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Hotel and Accommodation:

    Trek to the Himalayas is one of the favourite destinations for the travel enthusiast and adventure seekers all around the globe. Although the Himalayan region of Nepal is the most popular trekking destination in the world; there are a lot of things people don’t have a clue. While trekking to the high mountain region, you will not find the hotels and accommodation as you see in the city areas. The hotels and accommodation around the high Himalayan have fewer services and facilities. The hot shower may turn out to be simply a bucket of lukewarm water and the toilet may be a latrine behind the hotel. The private room can be a wooden cell with no furniture except a bed, mattress, and curtain in place of the door.  So, while trekking to the mountainous region of Nepal, you need to be ready to stay in the less fancy and minimum facilitated hotels.

    We provide you with the 2 to 3-star standard hotel while you are at Kathmandu (i.e. for 3 Nights). During your Tsum Valley Trek, we provide you with the standard lodges and tea houses for your accommodation. The room of these lodges and tea houses are less fancier with just a bed, a pillow, foam mattress and a blanket. We will do everything in our power to make your trek as cosy as possible. However, you need to stay flexible in some cases. We will accommodate the groups in local lodge available each day. We send the porters ahead of us to pre-book the room for the next day (rooms cannot be pre-booked on all places). 

    For a lone traveller, you may have to share the room with the same gender. If you don’t like to share the room then you can have a single room, by paying single supplement USD 290. However, you need to keep in mind that, while traversing through remote areas of Nepal, a single room may not always be feasible.

    In Kathmandu beside the 2 / 3 stars hotel, some 4 / 5 - star luxury accommodation is also available. If you want to change the accommodation plan to the luxury, please do let us know so that we can arrange and book the hotel for you for your Kathmandu stay.

    Food and Beverages:

    All the food and Beverages included on the package of Tsum Valley Trek are provided by the company itself. The foods are provided in the tea houses or lodges on the trail. We will have the breakfast and dinner at the lodge where we stay overnight. On the everyday trek, our guide will decide the available place and stop for the lunch. We highly recommend you bring the water purification pills, to cleanse the water and drink during the trek. During the trek, there are options for buying the bottled water and boiled water as well.

    Upon your arrival at Kathmandu after the successful trekking journey, we will provide farewell dinner consisting of authentic Nepalese cuisines and live cultural music.


    We at Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition provide all the necessary transportation facilities for your trip. We provide private vehicles for airport pick up and sightseeing tour around Kathmandu. Likewise, we provide tourist bus transportation for your trip. However, you have the other options as travelling through private vehicles such as cars or van.

    You need to pay additional for the transportation which is excluded from our package. You can send us an enquiry for the latest price details for the private transportation and flight tickets.

    Luggage and Backpack:

    The main luggage of your will be carried by your porters during the trek. For your personal things, we highly recommend you, to carry a small handbag containing water bottles, cameras, sunscreen and other things which you require daily during the trip. Making the backpack small and lighter will unquestionably assist you to enjoy the trip to its fullest. You should simply convey the thing which is basic for your outing and the rest of the garments and different things can be left in the locker room/safe store of hotels. The hotels provide the locker room / safe deposit for free. So, don’t hesitate to leave the things which are redundant. While making the backpack or luggage for your trip to ensure that the luggage doesn’t exceed more than 15 Kg. Weight allowance at Nepal’s domestic airlines is 15 Kg including your handbag. Excess weight is chargeable of USD 1.5 or more which will be the additional cost of our trip.

    Guide and Porters on Trek:

    We provide you with the well trained and experienced guide and porter for your trek.  Our guide will assist you in every possible way to make your trips remarkable and memorable. Talking about the porter, we provide one porter for 2 trekkers each. The porters carry 20 Kg of total luggage (10 Kg form each trekker). We provide the one guide for the smaller groups and if the group size surpasses 10 individuals; we will provide the additional guide for your trip.

    Personnel Expenses:

    Personnel Expenses largely influenced upon your habit of expenditure. We provide you with all the necessary food and accommodation facilities inside the cost of your Tsum Valley Trek. So, you only need money to pay for your drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and snacks while strolling on the trail. You will get the significant number of smaller shops on the trail to buy the drinks and snacks. Likewise, you can also use the money to buy you souvenirs of the trip, entrance tickets, hot showers, tips and many more. Note that, tips and gratuities are not mandatory, but it is fine if you wish to. If you feel like the service provided to you is excellent, then you can tip directly to staffs. Of course, there is no obligation to tip if you are disappointed with the service you receive. As a suggestion, we advise you to allocate an amount of 5 - 10% of the total package price for tips. The amount you give depends on your budget and appreciation of their work.

    Rescue and Evacuation:

    Nepal is the country full of heart-warming natural beauty and a magnificent travel destination for the thrill and adventure seeker all around the globe. In spite of the fact that, Nepal is an adventure paradise for the nature lover, thrill seeker. But in some cases, the thrilling experience comes up with the serious hazard. The most exciting, and the joyful trip may backfire on us and we may have to be the victim of nature. Not only that while trekking in the high altitude rough terrains may also occur afflictions like the sprained ankle or even broken leg, appendix ruptures, hypothermia, skin infection and respiratory infection. If any of this misfortune happens to you, then it should be treated on time. If left untreated then you may even lose your life. If any of the above-mentioned affliction happens during your trip, we at Himalayan scenery treks and expedition will do everything to transfer you to the nearest hospital ASAP. All the expenses made to rescue and evacuate you, are entirely liable to us. So, before departing off to your trip, make sure that your travel insurance company has the policy to cover up all the expenses in case of any misfortune arises during the trip so that you can enjoy the trip to the utmost. If not, be ready to pay on your own once you arrive at the Kathmandu. To learn more about the Travel Insurance for the Trip in Nepal, please do visit Travel Insurance page in Nepal Travel Guide.  

    Join a fixed date group trek or private departure:

    The Tsum Valley Trek is available on both fixed departure and private basis, If you are looking for a group to join then please check our fixed departures dates and ask for availability or if you would like to travel independently, or with your friends, families & colleagues then you are invited to choose any date at your convenient timeframe for any number of people.

    Booking Requirements

    Please provide us your full credentials or a copy of your passport. Give your weight so that preplan your group’s trips for proper weight distribution. You may deposit 20 to 30 percent advance of the total package amount while booking. You may pay rest of the amount before the trip. You can also pay us by card, bank transfer or online. Please visit here for payment details.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to make your trip, let us know in advance. We will refund you as per our booking terms and conditions and available time frame. At times, there might be delays or cancellation of flights due to weather and unforeseeable reasons. In such cases, we will make our best effort to adjust your bookings and rearranging the schedule.

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