Bungee Jump

Jump & Fly Because Limit Only Exists In Your Mind

Nepal is a landlocked country with diverse geographical structures. There are many steep hills, beautiful mountains, and many more rivers and rivulets.  Nepal is also the best destination for ultra-adventure sports like bungee jumping. Bungee Jumping is a sport in which the jumper falls from a high place with an elastic rope called a bungee which is attached to their Body.

With both to his/her feet and to the jump site. The podium may usually be a fixed object like a tower or bridge. The elastic rope is considered in such a way that it stretches during the jumper fall. Its reflection repeats until all the energy from free fall is exhausted. While in the case of leg attaches, it is said to be more enjoyable giving a real feeling of flying.

The world is full of journeys but there is nothing fairly like bungee jumping. The fall of bungee jumping in Nepal is the second deepest fall in the world. The last resort is offering these adventurous activities bungee jumping in Nepal. You can bungee jump in Nepal from two spots, one from Bhote Koshi spot which is the oldest one. In Bhote Koshi, bungee jumping is operated by the skilled team of last resort with highly modern equipment. It is located near the Nepal- Tibet border and 3 hours far from the Kathmandu valley. The notable 160 meters jump into the Bhote Koshi River is the longest freefall in the world. According to the weight, the jumper is provided with jumping ropes and under the administration of specialists, the jumper jumps from the bridge into the face of Bhote Koshi.

Pokhara has also launched a bungee jump. It jumps from the height or tower which lets you fall straight down the pond until the water is touched you.

Also, Pokhara is famous for its beauty and adventures. There is a newly established bungee near the lakeside. The bungee of Pokhara is operated by High ground adventures Nepal.  It is located at Hemja. The height of the freefall is a little less than Bhote Koshi, but the thrill is the same. The bungee jump is set up in a tower which is 80-meter-high from the pond down below. All the views, scenic beauty, and joy are found here.

The important considerations for bungee jumping are to maintain his/her physical and meant fitness. In these activities, minimum weights required 40 kg and maximum weight required 100 kg. As well as the jumper must wear tight, closed and comfortable clothes.