Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Duration: 2 Days(5)of 23 reviews


  • Duration 2 Days
  • Trip Start and End Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Trip Area Kathmandu - Bhotekoshi - Kathmandu
  • Best Season All Around Year


  • Adventure Rafting Trip.
  • The far western part of Nepal.
  • Best for experienced rafters.
  • Grade rate to 3 to 4.
  • White Water Rafting trip.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting is another popular river for rafting, the Bhote Koshi originates in the Tibetan plateau from where it flows down steep gorges to Nepal in the south. Naturally, the landscape it flows through is rugged, adding thrills to the trip. It’s a through rid with Class IV and Class III in the lower levels.

Rapids Include Frog in the Blender, John’s Home, Gerbil in the Plumbing, Liquid Bliss, and Dazed & Confused.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting, It’s a 3- hour drive from Kathmandu along the Araniko Highway to Bhote Koshi. The drive to the put-in point has its own highlight – views of snow-capped mountains such as Langtang and Dorje Lakpa towards the country's north. Bhote Koshi River with its steep gradient is a fast-flowing river that challenges the expertise of a river guide. The rapids on the Bhote Koshi are highly technical and come one after another in quick succession. At first, the Class III rapids are encountered followed by the more difficult Class IV. The river flows through narrow canyons covered in lush green vegetation and from the rocks flow down crystal clear waterfalls. The usual run on this river last from one to two days.

The Bhote Kosi is known as the River from Tibet and you can start a trip after a peak over the border into Tibet. The Kathmandu / Lhasa Highway (AKA Friendship Highway, Araniko Highway) runs beside the river. You can run a day trip or do a two-day expedition and run parts of the river twice. It’s a great river for beginner rafters and fun for kayakers at all levels.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting is beautiful for an adventure trip with a very steep and basically non-stop mountain river. You are beginning to understand what this great trip in Nepal offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime. If you have never rafted before and have limited time but desire an adrenaline overload, this is a perfect introductory trip package for you. Bhote Koshi River Rafting is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal and the best white-water adventure in the world.

With the adventure of Bhote Koshi River Rafting you also get the chance to observe emerald green fields terraced high above the river on precipitous slopes, curious villagers lining suspension bridges are amazed as we plunge through cascading waves and chutes of foam. Visiting an ancient culture, trek in the awe-inspiring Himalayas, and get a tan - yep the weather is sunny! We love the excitement of this trip and it really is the best available for whitewater fun. The rapids here are a solid class IV- V at high flow, and a more classic III at lower levels. This true adventure can be rafted between October and December and February and April.


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    Today we will drive you to the Lomosangu which is also a starting point for Bhote Khosi River Rafting. Once we arrive at Lomosangu you will wear essential gear and learn about the river. Once you are finished with the guidance you will board on rafting boat and will paddle along the river. We will spend overnight at Camp.

      Once we finish up with our breakfast you will have the essential gear and will head out for more rafting today. You will paddle along the Bhote Koshi River until you reach a place called Dolalghat. After that, you will return to camp and pack your stuff to return back to Kathmandu.

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      Cost Details


      • Professional English-speaking licensed guides highly trained and safety certified to international standards in Whitewater River Guiding, Swift Water Rescue, and Wilderness First Aid
      • Professional safety kayakers
      • Gear raft support
      • International name brand ISO/CE certified rafting equipment including helmets, PFDs, paddles, splash jackets, and wetsuits
      • Dry bags and Pelican boxes to keep your items dry and safe on the river
      • Variety of fresh, hygienically prepared meals while on the river, including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and treated drinking water
      • Camping logistics and equipment including shelters, tents, simple mattresses, and sleeping bags
      • Round trip transportation
      • River permits
      • Industry-standard first aid kits


      • Nepalese Entry Visa fee
      • Personnel Expenses
      • Things that are not mentioned in the Cost included section

      Useful Info

      What we provide:

      Along with our high-quality self-bailing rafts, we provide helmets, plastic paddles, wetsuits, lifejackets, and a first aid kit.

      We provide plentiful, healthy, and hygienically prepared food and drinks. Tents and sleeping mats are also provided. Sleeping bags can be supplied upon request.

      All our equipment is of the highest quality, clean, and well maintained.

      Classification of rivers:

      Maintaining the highest standard of safety and service, river trips have been classified in accordance with the status of water flow, rapids & remoteness.

      • CLASS I Easy: Small rapids, fast-moving water with riffles and small waves, few obstructions, minimal risk to swimmers, and the possibility of self-rescue.
      • CLASS II Novice: Gentle straightforward rapids with wide and clear channels and slight maneuvering required.
      • CLASS III Moderate: Exciting rapids with irregular waves and hazards, strong eddies, and current and skilled maneuvering required.
      • CLASS IV Very difficult: Raging Rapids, powerful maneuvering required, and turbulent water flow.
      • CLASS V Extremely difficult: Long and very violent rapids with several hazards, unavoidable waves, and holes or steep, congested chutes with complex demanding routes, a high degree of danger to swimmers, expertise, and reliable high-quality equipment required for safe passage.
      • CLASS VI Unruinable: Challenging rapids, high chances of death and destruction of equipment, and very slim chances of rescue.

      Name and Class of River:

      • Trishuli II+ to IV 
      • Seti Karnali III to IV+ 
      • Seti III 
      • Bheri III+ 
      • Arun IV 
      • Sunkoshi IV+ 
      • Tamor IV to IV+ 
      • Kali Gandaki IV to V 
      • Karnali IV+ to V 
      • Marshyangdi IV+ to V 
      • Bhotekoshi V 
      • Tamakoshi V TO V+


      In Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, your safety precedes every other thing. Before you begin your white-water rafting, our professional rafting guide will thoroughly brief you about the necessary safety measure and rafting guidelines you need to follow, while you are on the river.

      As your safety is our utmost priority, we have made the rafting journey the safest. The rafting trip is piloted by a river guide professionally trained in emergency wilderness first aid and swift-water rescue. Rafters venture into a river trip with safety jackets, flotation devices, helmets, and river-friendly clothes. We use a high-quality inflatable rubber raft capable of giving extraordinary performance, agility, stability, and maneuverability. Our rafts can swift through the wildest and strongest of waves and guarantee a hundred percent safety.

      Best Month for Whitewater Rafting:

      The best time for rafting is from March to May and September to November. Temperature can get colder in January and February ranging from 7° to 20° C. For the rest of the month, the temperature remains a minimum of 18° to a maximum of 30° C. Monsoon rafting can be arranged on the Trishuli river.

      Clothing & equipment:

      You are required to bring some shirts, T-shirts, socks, a hat, suntan lotion, sunglasses with string, river shoes or flip-flops, a flashlight, personal medication, a couple of shorts and pants for the evening and morning, a sweater or a jacket.

      The company provides rafts (the number of rafts depends on the size of the group), safety devices, sleeping bags, mattress tents & kitchenettes.

      Rafting Guide:

      For rafting, we provide you with a professionally trained English-speaking rafting guide for your rafting journey. The guide provided to you is highly experienced and has thoroughly versed in the topography and nature of the river. The guides are professionally trained for swift water rescue and emergency wilderness first aid, so you don’t have to stress over your wellbeing. Our skilled guides are also able to read river features and move the boat in a way so that everybody stays safe and has fun.  With the excellent expertise and guidance of our guide, we assure you will have a great time doing white water rafting.  

      Cost of the Trip:

      The cost of each trip depends on the duration of the trip and group size, the higher the group size lower the cost. 
      The cost usually includes All full board camping service and transportation to the put in point and back from the take-out point by private coach, all safety equipment, etc. 

      Cost does not include alcoholic beverages, personal clothing, expenses of personal nature, and insurance.

      A Typical Day on the River:

      Basically, we start our day with a briefing on the trip and the safety measures you need to adopt. After the briefing by the river guide is finished, the rafting journey begins. In a day we will raft for around 4 – 5 hours. After sometimes of rafting through the challenging rapids, we stop at the sandy beach for lunch. Finishing up with lunch, we will raft over water for an hour or two and end the rafting journey for the day. For a multi-day rafting journey, we set up the camp by the riverside.  Once we arrive at the camping site, we can wander around nearby locality or simply relax basking in the splendor of nature. Camping overnight by the riverside gives us time and opportunity to share our views, feeling, and experiences under an open sky of sparkling stars.

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      Booking Requirements

      Please provide us with your full credentials or a copy of your passport. Give your weight so that preplan your group’s trips for proper weight distribution. You may deposit 10 to 20 percent advance of the total package amount while booking. You may pay the rest of the amount before the trip. You can also pay us by card, bank transfer, or online. Please visit here for payment details.

      Cancellation Policy

      If you are unable to make your trip, let us know in advance. We will refund you as per our booking terms and conditions and available time frame. At times, there might be delays or cancellations of flights due to weather and unforeseeable reasons. In such cases, we will make our best effort to adjust your bookings and rearrange the schedule.

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