Rolwaling Trek

Duration: 21 Days(5)of 20 reviews


  • Duration 21 Days
  • Difficulty Level Strenuous
  • Max. Altitude 5,930 m | 19,455 ft.
  • Trip Start and End Kathmandu
  • Trip Area Kathmandu- Tsho Rolpa- Namche- Lukla- Kathmandu
  • Best Season Autumn & Spring


  • Scenic drive to Charikot,
  • Tamakoshi river,
  • Dolkha Bhimsen Temple,
  • mix culture,
  • Mt Gauri Shanker,
  • Rolwaling sherpa village,
  • Tsho Rolpa lake
  • Trashi Lapcha pass
  • khumbu himalayan ranges.

“Picture perfect blend of amazing nature, explore in to find out more.”

Rolwaling trekking is a sub-reach of the Himalayas, placed in north-focal Nepal and reaching out into south-focal Tibet. The most noteworthy mountain in the Rolwaling trekking is Melungtse 7,181 m, which is placed on the Tibetan side. Gauri Sankar (7,145 m) is the second most elevated crest of the reach and is found on the Nepal-Tibet outskirt. In the vicinity of 20 km to the northeast of the Rolwaling Himal is the Khumbu Himal which incorporates Mount Everest (8,850 m) and Cho Oyu (8,201 m).

The reach is limited in the south by the Rolwaling Valley which holds a few little towns and Bedding, the biggest town in the region. Access to the valley and the mountains of the extent is made by walking through a built trail framework beginning at Charikot (80 km east of Kathmandu). A western-style trek from Charikot to Bedding will ordinarily take seven to ten days. An extreme escapade Rolwaling trekking with cabin outdoors style undertaking could be made through the Rolwaling Himal to cross the Teshi Lapcha La (5755m) and into the Solu Khumbu Namche Bazar. The trek must be legitimately furnished for far-reaching snow and ice work, with no less than one climbing Sherpa in the gathering. The net effect will be exceptionally compensating regarding the social introduction and visual acting pieces. In spite of the fact that you may not expect to climb the mountain, a climbing Permit will be needed for Patchamo (next to the Teshi Lapcha) to permit access to the upper piece of the valley past the Tsho Rolpa. The expense is completely refundable upon coming back to Kathmandu when you proclaim that each spot of the pack you took into the range has been carried out with you. You will likewise oblige a trekking license for the Everest National Park for the return of a piece of the voyage.

Rolwaling trekking starts at Dolakha (Charikot), something like 7 hour's drive from Kathmandu. The trail is greatly characterized and utilized by watchmen and shepherds setting off up to the hot time of year Kharkas or brushing pastures at Bedding. There was a traditional check at Jagat where the climbing license was dubiously assessed. The last residence is at Na (4180m). From here on in it can and will snow whenever so tolerance is needed) which additionally will help with fundamental acclimatization). The Tsho Rolpa is a marvelous ice lake held once again by a terminal moraine. The unmarked track comes to the Trakarding Glacier and afterward trips steeply up onto the Drolambau Glacier. The view is glorious every last bit of the way! On the east side of the glacial mass is a reach of mountains well over 6000m. The Teshi Lapcha La experiences these mountains by the foot slants of Patcham. The plunge on the other side is steep and quite harsh through rock fields. Here and there the trail is challenging to discover until you arrive at Thyangbo Kharka, a quite desolate residence on the track to Thame, and thereupon on to Namche Bazaar. From Kathmandu, over the Teshi Lapcha and down to Lukla airstrip took 18, prior days the wearisome sit tight for a flight again to Kathmandu. It is conceivable to switch the track however the scale to the pass from the Solu Khumbu is exceptionally steep and long. The crucial acclimatization days in this wild landscape might be uncomfortable and baffling and higher up, there is a threat from falling rocks loosed off by the sun as it lives up to expectations of its path around. Assuming that mountain passes are not your thing a considerably less yearning yet extremely compensating trek might be dependent upon the Tsho Rolpa. A climbing license is needed. Come and join Himalayan Scenery Treks & expedition for an amazing holiday journey with a lifelong experience with our qualified guides, porter, and staff.

NOTE:It is recommended that you should arrive in Kathmandu a day earlier before you start your trek (if you do not have a day tour of Kathmandu scheduled). And If you have scheduled a Kathmandu day tour you should arrive two days prior to the actual day of trekking.

If you are able to arrive a day earlier, it will be best for you as you will get some time to rest, know about the trekking you are doing, get info about the trekking routes, and get time to buy trekking equipment if necessary. Adding some extra days beside actual trekking days will help you enjoy your trip to Nepal to the fullest without having to worry about any preparations, flight delays, and missing international flights.


Rolwaling Trek is the only trek that takes you through the Everest region and even to Tsho Rolpa where you will be traveling to the rarest places of Nepal. The trail is so much excitement you can know all about it after going through Rolwaling trek Detailed Itinerary.

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In accordance with your flight schedule, we will be at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu to extend a warm welcome to you in our beautiful country for the beautiful trip. After exchanging warm welcome greetings at the arrival section, we will lead you to our vehicle to drop you off at our trip hotel. It’s a day at complete leisure, you will be on your own and you can do whatever you want to do for refreshment. But we definitely will be happy to guide you around the city.

On the second day of arrival, we will be interacting with each other. After early breakfast, every guest needs to arrive at Company to review their trip so that they can buy and manage the required stuff for their trips. After talking about the trip we will be taking our guests for a cultural sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley.

The destination for sightseeing includes Swoyambhunath - the oldest monument in Kathmandu valley, Kathmandu Durbar Square – to see the temple of Living Goddess and other medieval architectural wonders, Pashupatinath – to immerse into Hindu death rites on the bank of a holy river, and Boudhanath – a massive Buddhist shrine considered as the biggest in the world.

After the morning breakfast, we will begin our journey to the captivating sight of both Mt. Langtang and Mt. Everest. Heading northeast from Kathmandu, we will pass through a gravel road accompanied with scenic high green hills, and white mountain views, and cross different villages of mixed communities. The narrower road winds along in a maze of twists, turns, loops and hairpin corners before we arrive at the beautiful city of Dolakha. We will check in to the hotel for the overnight stay.

Waking up early, we will take a short tour of the famous temple of Dolakha- Bhimeshwor Temple. This temple is noted as one of the most popular throughout the country of Nepal. The idol in the temple is said to resemble three different gods: Bhimeshwar in the morning, Mahadeva during the day, and the Narayana in the evening.

After a short visit to the spiritual temple of Dolakha, we will take 3 and half hour drive to Shigati. While driving through the gravel road, you pass through several streams and jungles with varieties of orchids, rhododendron, and other natural vegetation. We will set up our first camp here for the overnight stay.

From today we will begin our trekking journey. After breakfast, we begin our trek through normal flat land along the side of the river. Passing through the rice terraced field, we crisscross the hectic river through the suspension bridge. After a while of walk, we come across a few hamlets and villages inhabited by the mixed communities.

On the way, we need to cross the jungles covered by orchids and a few rhododendrons. While passing through the forest, you will be able to witness the magnificent view of the Gaurishankar (7145 meters). Crossing the suspension bridge, we arrive at the final destination for the day, Jagat- a small town with people of different ethnicities.  

Waking up early in the serenity of Jagat village, we will take a short walk around the village before breakfast. After a quick tour around this small village, we will start our hike following a normal flat path from the beginning & then ascend and descend through the jungle. Walking out of the jungle, our trail follows the river bank.

As we move forward to our destination, the valley begins to narrow until we cross the suspension bridge over the river. A short steep uphill climb after the crossing suspension bridge reaches the Sherpa village of Simigaon. This village is inhabited by Buddhists and a few Hindus and is spread on the terrace on the mountainside. 

Commencing on our trek early, we come across a few more Sherpa settlements. As we start our trek early, you can have a fascinating view of Gaurishankar Himal lying just above the Rolwaling valley. Walking with the magnificent view of Mt. Gaurishankar, we march forward to the Rolwaling valley.

From the ridge of the Shimigaon, our trail climbs a rocky, wooded ridge with a beautiful pine forest. Hiking on the ascending and descending path, enjoying the serenity and beauty of the place, we eventually arrive at Yak Naka. This place is a temporary Yak shed. This Yak shed is basically used to prepare cheese and butter. An hour's walk from this place reaches Daldung La.  

From Daldung La, our trail gradually ascends uphill through a beautiful forested valley of rhododendron trees and alpine vegetation. Along the way, you will have an unfolding view of mountain scenery including Gaurishankar surrounding us. Crossing the forest, our trail continues along the left bank of Rolwaling Khola to the deep river valley and eventually arrives at a tributary river from Gaurishankar. Trekking on the suspension bridge over the deep gorges in a few places makes this trekking journey even more enchanting.

From the tributary, the trail rises further higher to an easy and relatively flat terrain of Beding. A short and relaxing walk of the flat terrain reaches Beding- a big Sher village located by the river. Arriving here, you can see the Rolwaling’s highest summit Melungtse I (7181 meters). At the center of the village, you can see the old historical Buddhist Monastery. We will set up the camp at the bank of the river for the overnight stay.

As we are already at a high altitude, it is very important to take a day off to rest and acclimatize before going to the higher altitude region. Taking a day off, to acclimatize helps your body adjust to the high altitude surrounding and also reduces the possibility of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

On this day, we will have a day hike to Malung La Pass (5616 meters) or even higher to acclimatize our bodies. Reaching at the top ridge of Malung La pass you will have great panoramic views of more than 15 snowy peaks, glaciers,s and the natural forest in the bending valley below. In the late evening, we will return to camp at Beding for the overnight stay.

The hike to Na from Beding is relatively short and easy. Beginning our hike, we will easy walk along the northern bank of the Rolwaling River. The trail is wide open with fresh air and the charming sound of the Rolwaling river makes your trip worthwhile.

As we move forward, we come across a few summer villages of Beding. Along the way, you can see the people busy in their fields of buckwheat and barley. Our trek passes the monastery and follows the valley until we arrive at the summer village of Na. This village is located just below the Tsho Ropla Glacier Lake.

Another day to rest and acclimatize. On this day we can rest at the camp or take a short hike to Yalung La Pass. The hike to the Yalung La pass is a steadily steep up climb. Reaching the top ridge of the camp, you can have an excellent view of the Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake. Apart from the lake, you can get the stunning views of Yalung Glacier to the east, Ramdung Peak (5930 meters) to the south, Yalung Ri (5630 meters) to the west, and breathtaking Himalayan summits to the north. 

The trek today begins through the flat leveled path which gradually ascends to witness the Himalayan Lake filled with the chilling water of glaciers. Tsho Rolpa lake is one of the biggest glacial lakes in Nepal. This lake is situated between the Langtang and Everest Region. The views of Menlung and Tibetan Side Mountains add glory to the unfolding vista. We will camp at the camping side of Tsho Rolpa overnight.  

The hike today will be comparatively challenging, as we need to walk through the glaciers throughout the day. Beginning our day early, we head towards the Trakarding Glacier on a rocky path. The trail slowly ascends through some rock climbing and then gradually walks on a glacial moraine, which occasionally passes rock overhangs. Throughout the struggle on a rocky path, you will experience the new enchanting beauty which will surely add extra dimensions to your trail.

Today we will be trekking from Trakarding Trakarding glacier to Tashi Lapcha Phedi camp elevated at 5,755 meters. The trail mostly ascends through rocks and glaciers. The walk follows high slopes above the glacier to avoid the lower section, but further up we must trek along the center of the hard-rocky glacier.

A steady walk leads us to the lowest point of the ice fall and then climbs to the easiest point to gain the Drolambau glacier. From here we will descend towards the Tashi Lapcha Phedi Camp located at bottom of Tashi Lapcha. The 360-panoramic view of high mountains from here is amazing. After we reach Tashi Lapcha Phedi Camp we will camp for the night. 

Today we will climb up towards Tashi Lapcha pass from where you will get the perfect view of Khumbu Peaks. After we arrive at Tashi Lapcha pass, we now just need to head toward Tashi Cape. For us to reach Tashi Cape we need to cross Tashi Lapcha Pass. Snow around the trail will be thick preventing us from distinguishing the right and safe path. After walking past thick snow we will reach a point from where we will start a gradual downhill walk towards Tashi Cape. We will camp at Tashi Cape overnight.

After waking up we will assemble our camping equipment and start our trekking toward Thyomgbo. The trail today will be a lot easier than we experienced before. We will descend towards Thyomgbo walking on the glacier gradually. 

Today we will trek down to Thame. The trail gradually descends and you will have an added experience of an easier trail. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty around you. A gradual and easy descent takes us to Thame Village.

Here at Thame village, there is an old and fascinating monastery which is located at the upper end of the village. from here you can get the great views of mountains such as Mt Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and Kusum Kangaru. We will camp for the overnight stay.

From Thame, we will follow the old trade route over Nangoa-la while as well following the Bhote Koshi river. The trail descends gradually for some time. Then it is steeply downhill until we reach to a bridge over the Dudh Koshi River at Phunki Tenga.

From here we will hike past through different villages and ascend toward Sanasa – A place where Sherpa people sell Tibetan goods. From here we will go past through forest and gradually up and down trails to reach Namche Bazaar. We will be staying at the lodge for an overnight stay.

We trek all the way back to Lukla today to finish the trekking journey. We trek past Monjo and Phakding villages; encounter the Dudh Koshi River along the trail and eventually reach Lukla.

On the final day of the trek, we can celebrate the beautiful adventure. We see off our trekking potters here today thanking them for all the help they provided to make our trip possible.

We wake up early for our flight back to Kathmandu. We say goodbye to the serene and magnificent mountains and board the flight to come back to the city civilization. The rest of the afternoon in Kathmandu will be at leisure. Walking around the streets of Kathmandu; souvenir shopping; finding a massage or relaxing at the hotel can be easy ways to spend time.

We are taking you for the farewell dinner to celebrate the successful completion of the Everest base camp trek tonight.

    On the last day of this trip, we drive you to the airport as per your flight schedule back to home or onward destination.

    We will definitely hope that you enjoyed the Everest Base Camp Photography Trek and hope to see you for another adventure soon.

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    Cost Details


    • Airport pick up and drop off by private vehicle
    • Three-night accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Kathmandu
    • Surface transfer to and from Pokhara by tourist bus then by private car to and from Nayapul.
    • Full board meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek
    • Best available twin sharing lodge to lodge accommodation during the trek
    • Kathmandu city tours, tour guide, and private transportation
    • One highly experienced, helpful, and friendly guide.
    • Porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary, and equipment. 
    • Accident insurance for all staff
    • Himalayan Scenery trekking map, Trekking T-shirt and duffel bag for trekking
    • Trekking map/ Trekking T-Shirt, and trip achievement certificate
    • First aid medical kit, Oximeter to check pulse, heart rate, and oxygen saturation at higher altitude.
    • ACAP Permit & TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System (Please bring 2 passport size photos for permit)
    • Worst case, help with all rescue and evacuation arrangements.
    • Government taxes & office service charge


    • Personal Travel insurance
    • International airfare
    • Nepal entry visa. You can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. A multiple-entry tourist visa good for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent in foreign currency. Similarly, multiple-entry tourist visas for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 passport-size photos.
    • Snacks /Drinks and other personal expenses
    • Hot showers during the trek
    • Personal trekking equipment
    • WiFi internet and phone call unless it’s free.
    • Tips and gratuities for trekking staff and drivers

    Useful Info

    In Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, your safety precedes every other thing. As this adventure entrails travelling in the remote mountainous region, we are always at mercy of nature. During the trip, the factors such as weather, natural disaster or a multitude of other factors which are beyond our control can subsequently bring the changes in the itinerary. Although all the itinerary we provide to you is guided and standard; please note that your team leader has the authority to alter or even drop the planned itinerary of any part if it is necessary due to safety concern. All the alternations or changes of the standard itinerary are made by the leader by taking into consideration the best interest of the whole group. We give our best effort to stick with the above-mentioned itinerary; however, in case of any unpredicted event which is beyond our control, you need to be flexible and take after the guideline as instructed by your leader.

    Note that the company won’t be responsible for any result of alterations on itineraries or any delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Hotel and Accommodation:

    We provide you with the 2 to 3-star standard hotel while you are at Kathmandu (i.e. for 3 Nights). During your Rolwaling Trek, we provide you with the tented camp accommodation. In Kathmandu beside the 2 / 3 stars hotel, some 4 / 5 - star luxury accommodation is also available. If you want to change the accommodation plan to the luxury, please do let us know so that we can arrange and book the hotel for you for your Kathmandu stay.

    Food and Beverages:

    All the food and Beverages included on the package of Rolwaling Trek are provided by the company itself. The foods are professionally prepared and provided in the tented camp on the trail. We will have the breakfast and dinner at the camp. On the everyday trek, our guide will decide the available place and stop for the lunch. We also provide the boiled drinking water at the camp. During the trek, there are options for buying the bottled water as well.

    Upon your arrival at Kathmandu after the successful trekking journey, we will provide farewell dinner consisting of authentic Nepalese cuisines and live cultural music.


    We at Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition provide all the necessary transportation facilities for your trip. We provide private vehicles for airport pick up and sightseeing tour around Kathmandu. Likewise, we provide tourist bus transportation for your trip. However, you have the other options as travelling through private vehicles such as cars or van.

    You need to pay additional for the transportation which is excluded from our package. You can send us an enquiry for the latest price details for the private transportation and flight tickets.

    Luggage and Backpack:

    The main luggage of your will be carried by your porters during the trek. For your personal things, we highly recommend you, to carry a small handbag containing water bottles, cameras, sunscreen and other things which you require daily during the trip. Making the backpack small and lighter will unquestionably assist you to enjoy the trip to its fullest. You should simply convey the thing which is basic for your outing and the rest of the garments and different things can be left in the locker room/safe store of hotels. The hotels provide the locker room / safe deposit for free. So, don’t hesitate to leave the things which are redundant. While making the backpack or luggage for your trip to ensure that the luggage doesn’t exceed more than 15 Kg. Weight allowance at Nepal’s domestic airlines is 15 Kg including your handbag. Excess weight is chargeable of USD 1.5 or more which will be the additional cost of our trip.

    Guide and Porters on Trek:

    We provide you with the well trained and experienced guide and porter for your trek.  Our guide will assist you in every possible way to make your trips remarkable and memorable. Talking about the porter, we provide one porter for 2 trekkers each. The porters carry 20 Kg of total luggage (10 Kg form each trekker). We provide the one guide for the smaller groups and if the group size surpasses 10 individuals; we will provide the additional guide for your trip.

    Personnel Expenses:

    Personnel Expenses largely influenced upon your habit of expenditure. We provide you with all the necessary food and accommodation facilities inside the cost of your Rolwaling Trek. So, you only need money to pay for your drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and snacks while strolling on the trail. You will get the significant number of smaller shops on the trail to buy the drinks and snacks. Likewise, you can also use the money to buy you souvenirs of the trip, entrance tickets, hot showers, tips and many more. Note that, tips and gratuities are not mandatory, but it is fine if you wish to. If you feel like the service provided to you is excellent, then you can tip directly to staffs. Of course, there is no obligation to tip if you are disappointed with the service you receive. As a suggestion, we advise you to allocate an amount of 5 - 10% of the total package price for tips. The amount you give depends on your budget and appreciation of their work.

    Rescue and Evacuation:

    Nepal is the country full of heart-warming natural beauty and a magnificent travel destination for the thrill and adventure seeker all around the globe. In spite of the fact that, Nepal is an adventure paradise for the nature lover, thrill seeker. But in some cases, the thrilling experience comes up with the serious hazard. The most exciting, and the joyful trip may backfire on us and we may have to be the victim of nature. Not only that while trekking in the high altitude rough terrains may also occur afflictions like the sprained ankle or even broken leg, appendix ruptures, hypothermia, skin infection and respiratory infection. If any of this misfortune happens to you, then it should be treated on time. If left untreated then you may even lose your life. If any of the above-mentioned affliction happens during your trip, we at Himalayan scenery treks and expedition will do everything to transfer you to the nearest hospital ASAP. All the expenses made to rescue and evacuate you, are entirely liable to us. So, before departing off to your trip, make sure that your travel insurance company has the policy to cover up all the expenses in case of any misfortune arises during the trip so that you can enjoy the trip to the utmost. If not, be ready to pay on your own once you arrive at the Kathmandu. To learn more about the Travel Insurance for the Trip in Nepal, please do visit Travel Insurance page in Nepal Travel Guide.  

    Join a fixed date group trek or private departure:

    The Rolwaling Trek is available on both fixed departure and private basis, If you are looking for a group to join then please check our fixed departures dates and ask for availability or if you would like to travel independently, or with your friends, families & colleagues then you are invited to choose any date at your convenient timeframe for any number of people.

    Booking Requirements

    Please provide us your full credentials or a copy of your passport. Give your weight so that preplan your group’s trips for proper weight distribution. You may deposit 20 to 30 percent advance of the total package amount while booking. You may pay rest of the amount before the trip. You can also pay us by card, bank transfer or online. Please visit here for payment details.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to make your trip, let us know in advance. We will refund you as per our booking terms and conditions and available time frame. At times, there might be delays or cancellation of flights due to weather and unforeseeable reasons. In such cases, we will make our best effort to adjust your bookings and rearranging the schedule.

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