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We at Himalayan Scenery Treks believe in responsible trekking. What do we mean by that?

We are a trekking company that is passionate about responsible and sustainable adventure tourism in Nepal. Through our team of local expert guides and staff, we offer a wide variety of activities that support both the local people and the environment of the area in which we operate.

From treks to Mount Everest base camp, 6,000-7,000 meters mountain climbing, and 8,000 meters expeditions to mountain biking, cultural excursions, and volunteering, we offer our clients exciting, safe, authentic, and unforgettable experiences in Nepal.

At our company, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy. That's what motivates us to keep moving forward and strive for new records and improved performance. We offer well-rounded tour and trekking packages in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan that are tailored to our customer's needs and expectations.

We are also the proud recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from 2012 to 2020 from the renowned TripAdvisor. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work. We are officially recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal.

The Himalayan Scenery Treks is one of the top leading trekking companies in Nepal. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the best possible experience in the country. We work with many different transport companies, hotels, lodges, teahouses, and airlines to make sure that our customers have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

We love what we do & we want our guests to experience our passion. We want to share with them the beautiful scenery and rich culture of our country by getting away from the crowds and into the mountains. We believe that by introducing foreigners to the country's many natural, historical and cultural elements subtly and fascinatingly, they will have the time of their lives.

Our services include all the requirements and follow four ‘Right’ principles which are: Right information ---> Right itinerary ---> Right price ---> Right supply.

We help with reservations in hotels, teahouses & lodges, transport arrangements, food, guides, and porters, along with rental equipment. To broaden our service to our customers, we would like to request a partnership with you where we can both benefit from reciprocated cooperation. If you're interested in working with us, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can open up a dialogue.

Why Partner with us?

We understand that partnering with other similar businesses is essential to our work. By pooling resources and sharing knowledge and expertise, we can make a more significant impact on the services we provide. To us, a partnership means increased combined impact, innovation, and influence.

We're sincere about working with a variety of partners in the sustainable tourism industry, as well as those who share our commitment to environmental conservation and social well-being. Our ability to work with partners on a large scale allows us to develop new ways of thinking.

Dedicated Team

Our guides are highly trained professionals who have many years of experience under their belt. They aren't just good at what they do, but they love it too. We evaluate their performance regularly and upgrade their skills and knowledge with annual training, which includes mountain rescue, special high-altitude first aid courses, etc.

Quality Services

We provide the best quality service in exchange for the money we charge. We give top-notch service and a professional dedicated team to assist our guests from their booking to departure from Nepal. We guarantee that every inquiry will receive a personalized response from a member of our expert team.

In addition, we take the time to tailor our customer’s experiences according to the needs and interests of our guests. Our travel consultants are very friendly, reliable, and always willing to offer the best advice. We are always available and have a team of multilingual professionals to make sure swift communication between guests and us.

Best Crafted Tour and Trekking Packages

Nepal is a popular destination for many travelers, and it's important to us that their experience is immaculate. We understand how significant this trip may be for them. Therefore, we want to make sure that every detail is accounted for.

We understand their needs, time constraints, budgets, and personal travel styles to deliver an experience that is unique and special. With us, it's all about them and their traveling companions. We want to make sure they have the best trip possible!

All of our adventurous packages are designed with utmost attention, keeping the safety of the guests top priority. At the same time, we do our best to make sure the guests have their best time with us and return with a pocket full of memories.

Trekking & Mountaineering Aces

A successful tour, adventure, or expedition requires a team of skilled and

passionate professionals who work together to make it all possible. These individuals must be knowledgeable about the subject matter as well as experienced to provide the best possible experience for those involved.

We have been in the travel industry since 2005. All of our guides and leaders have been working in the mountains and mapping the trails for more than a decade.

With the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the travel industry, our tour leaders safely deliver the trip of a lifetime to maximize Nepal’s journey and adventure every step of the way.

We have senior climbing guides who have climbed and led individuals to Mt. Everest and many other Himalayan mountains multiple times. The guests will be traveling with the best by joining us.

Health and Safety Conscious

Our company has a skilled team of guides and leaders that are trained in dealing with different types of emergencies. We have a strict health and safety protocol that we follow. Our company is known for our professionalism in treating all of our clients right and providing professional, quality service.

We understand the challenges and difficulties of trekking in the Nepalese mountains. Therefore, we train our guides and leaders in dealing with altitude sickness. They are trained in giving First Aid. Every year, we go on treks over challenging terrain to sharpen our team skills and understanding of the Himalayan terrain.

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Our facilities are top-notch!

Transportation provided to our clients and customers is extremely sophisticated and facilitated for optimal services. Our camping, trekking, and climbing journeys and trips are fitted with equipment of the highest quality available. Our office infrastructures are also the best suited for the most favorable of work outcomes.

Best Rates for Partners

We are one of Nepal’s best and leading local travel agencies and provide various tour and trekking packages to our clients from different parts of the world. Our ties with leading hotels, airlines, and transport companies help us provide efficient rates to the agents who are in cooperation with us, and growth is an ensuring prospect in this competitive business environment.

Safe Environmental Policy

We always do our best to minimize the business impact on the environment. It's our job to make sure that customers have the best experience possible, which is why we minimize extraneous costs.

Our environmentally responsible services serve to protect and elevate the environmental conditions of our beautiful country and everywhere else that we cater to.

Reliable Social Responsibility

Our awareness about our role in societal responsibility is based on our strong moral and ethical standards that everyone in our team abides by. Himalayan Scenery Treks is a local business, so you can be confident that your travel expenditures will support the local economy and improve the lives of locals.

We prioritize the welfare of our staff in the field and have always ensured that they earn above the set wages. We value your trust in our agency and will never book you with another company without your prior knowledge and consent, which has become a norm now for several trekking agencies.

When you book with us, you're booking with us - and only us. This way, you can be confident that you're in good hands from start to finish.