Peak Climbing and Mountain Expedition

Its Not The Mountain You Conquer But Yourselves

Peak Climbing and expedition in Nepal is one of the challenging tourism activities proving Nepal the cradle for mountaineers for decades. Nepal has eight out of fourteen of the world's 8000-meter peaks with a total number of 1310 snow peaks over 6000 meters and offers the best choices for Himalaya expedition and mountaineering. Whether climbing a peak or an expedition on a 7000 or 8000-meter peak, Peak Climbing in Nepal Himalayas has become a dream for most Mountaineers in the world. We have the expertise to organize full-scale Peak Climbing in Nepal as well as logistic support for climbing peaks in Nepal.

Peak climbing in Nepal is controlled and managed by the Nepal mountaineering association (NMA) whereas the mountain expedition is managed and controlled by the Government of Nepal. As a member company of NMA, we are authorized to obtain the climbing permit and operate the climbing expeditions for our clients.

A lot depends on the quality of your guide and the experience and the arrangements of the trekking company for a climbing trip to end successfully. In Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, safety is the topmost priority and we thrive to provide you with the safest mountaineering experience possible. With the highly experienced guides and Sherpa who have successfully conquered various Mountains, we assure you that you are in a safe hand and we give our best effort to make you climb fruitful without compromising safety. As per your safety concern, as we push toward the higher elevation, we will plan the ascend, monitor the daily weather forecast, check the ascent profiles as well as focus on other safety majors which may end up being deterrents in our successful expedition. Moreover, all the necessary medical kits, rescue equipment, and radio and satellite communication will be carried out by the team throughout the expedition period. we always try to provide our trips at the most reasonable costs possible. We work together with you to plan your climbing trip and realize your dream to be atop a Himalayan peak.

Not all the peaks and mountains are open for climbing. Out of the 33 peaks and a handful of the mountain open for climbing, we have featured here some of the most popular peaks and mountains for climbing and expedition.