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Manaslu Trek one of the underrated trekking destinations with a lot more to explore and experience. There’s just so many people who have to explore the off-beaten path to Manaslu. There’s is the reason for that. A lot of trekkers does not know about the landscape, weather and best season to trek this underrated destination. Here we are to fill that gap and help the traveler and adventurer to explore this trail to Manaslu in the year 2019 and 2020.

Starting with the basic thing weather at higher altitude is unpredictable and the weather here at Manaslu is as much unpredictable in another region including Everest and Annapurna Region. But these unpredictable weather makes the trip more thrilling and adventurous. All you need to do is think smart and choose a wise decision about when to travel. You can get general ideas about the weather by reading the past days and years. It may not be exact but at least you will be well prepared for the trip.

Weather here is so interesting, it changes quickly, a cloud floating around while it is still sunny, then humidity rain and strong winds just so strong to make you feel the nature. Its such good and a magical experience you will be able to experience the various season in a single day.

The weather all depends on the time of year you plan your trip. But there is one general thing while traveling to Manaslu Circuit trek or either at the higher altitude and to be prepared for is the weather which is sunny during the day while cold during the night. The temperature drops below 0°C during the months of December to February.

Here’s just the general idea of what kind of weather you will be able to experience during various months of the year.

  • The average nice temperature during the month of September, October, November.
  • The weather is rather dry on November, December, and January.
  • Rainy days and moist weather during June, July, and August of the year
  • Sunny days and hot weather during the months of May, June, and July
  • May is the warm month.
  • January is the coldest on average, but the views are great, and nature is so fresh.
  • July gets the highest rainfall and nature smells so good.
  • December is the driest month but its easier to trek and the trail is very much good to go.

Now it’s time to break down the season and help you understand about the weather during each season and month. Here in Nepal, there are generally four seasons which is Spring season which includes the month from March to May, Monsoon Season which includes the month from June to August, Autumn Season which includes the month from September to November and winter season which includes the month from December to February.

Spring Season (March to May):

Spring in Manaslu Region

Spring Season, generally known for new beginnings, freshly bloomed bud, chilly weather and nature feels fresh and smells good. The weather starts with chill temperature and it gets warmer by the end. Most of the people like this season for the trek. The mountains views are great nature itself is fresh, the trails are all good and the weather is chill. If you are to travel in this season you will be able to experience everything at its best.

Now all you need to know which is best among the months that fall in the spring season. Here’s what weather is like during various months of Spring Season.


March is the best month if you want to travel in Chill weather to Manaslu Circuit Trek. The weather is not very hot at a lower altitude and not very cold at higher altitude. The views of the mountains are great, and the trail is so good. You can experience nature at its freshest moment. Just blooming buds of flowers and the green pigments on the leaf of trees making everything around you look green and beautiful.

Around this month people start reopening their lodges and the business starts to kick off. As the climate is also cool you can experience your trek to the utmost thrill and adventure.


If you are more into flower and greenery with chill weather and beautiful views of mountains and uncovered off-beaten trails, then April is the best month for you to trek the Manaslu Circuit Trek. There’s lots of different colorful flower on the way. You will feel more like being in heaven. Nature is at its utmost glory with colorful blooming flower and the great view of mountain vistas.


If you are the one who wants all the colorful flower and great sceneries of the green landscape while exposing more of your skin to the sun, then May is the best month to plan your trip to Manaslu Circuit trek. This month indicates the end of the spring season, but the views and nature are pretty good and offers great views of the mountain it is only the weather at lower altitude are warmer rather than chill and at a higher altitude, the weather is very good. It’s the best time to plan your trip to the destination which is elevated at higher altitude such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base camp trek and so on.

Monsoon Season:

Manaslu region Farming

Monsoon Season means you are working and traveling with the rain and if you plan to travel during this season your trekking will be much more adventurous and some breathtaking views and some great natural phenomenon which happens at higher altitude during only monsoon season. It is risky to travel during Monsoon Season due to rainfall the trail may slippery and the chances of landslide and floods are high as well.

If you are the true adventurer and is ready to face some thrilling experience on your trip, then this is the best season for you Travel Manaslu Circuit Trek. During this season the smell of nature is so good, pollution done by the travelers are way less compared to spring seasons and the trail is more like isolated to you.

Very few adventurers wander around Manaslu Trek during Monsoon Season, the temperature is nice and cool at a lower altitude and at a higher altitude you need to be ready to face cold. Best moment doing the trek during monsoon season is you can witness the hide and seek between the mountains and cloud. As the mountains in the view are just too great and magical. You will be rewarded with an amazing view after getting soaked to the rain for two to three days. [Note: carry warm clothes and raincoat if you are planning your trip during monsoon season]


June is the start of the Monsoon season offer the best views of nature. The weather is slightly humid, and you can experience nature wet and cool. Its best month if you love rain, rainbows, and less crowded trails. During this month the air starts getting humid with continuous rainfall.

The weather is rather cold, and you need to be prepared to warm yourself at higher altitude. And as it is starting for the monsoon season you will find few adventurers while trekking to the Manaslu.

June is the official start of the monsoon in Nepal. Despite monsoon, it is one of the best times to appreciate the natural beauty of the Manaslu Circuit trail. The lower valley turns a lush green and there is a high chance of glancing impressive rainbows.

The temperatures tend to slightly decrease due to continuous rainfall but the humidity increase. However, during the early days, you’ll find few trekkers on the trail.


You need to be clear that you will be getting the highest rates of rainfall in the month of July. The probability of rain is day by day but once it gets sunny the days are warm and smooth. As the rain washes up the little bit of dust and pollution the environment opens and is very much fresh and you will be able to enjoy nature with chilly weather.


August is considering not the best time of year to do the Manaslu Circuit trek and the month is cold compared to other months of the monsoon season. But some travelers may consider this time of year as the best time to explore the Manaslu region as there are very little travelers wandering around Manaslu region.

Autumn Season (September to November):

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The peak season for tourism in Nepal falls within Autumn season. The weather is the best and is very suitable to travel and plan your trip all around Nepal. Nature is a fresh, clear sky and cool warm weather makes this season-best for traveling at a higher altitude as well as at lower altitude. There are very little chances of rainfall, you can travel feeling secured. The trails are dry, and it is easier to hike.

And another big merit to travel during this season is that you will be able to explore Nepali culture, tradition and can enjoy the main festival of Nepal with the local communities. Not that you cannot experience Nepalese culture in other season but during the autumn season there are lots of festivals going around. The main festival of Nepal i.e. Dashain and Tihar is celebrated on this season. Every Nepali are in joy and are getting prepared for their preparations to celebrate festivals.

The roads are busy with locals and the tourist and travelers around the globe. The trail of Manaslu Circuit trek as well other trekking destination of Nepal start being busy. The climate is dry and warm. You can expect no amount of rainfall during the month of October and November.

You can expect a great climate and weather as the nights are cool and the days are warm. This season is most favorable for travelers to hike and trek to the high Himalayas. All you need to do is to carry some warm clothes to be prepared to face off cold nights at higher altitude. The trails are busy as Manaslu Circuit receives most wanderer around this season. You need to plan your trip beforehand it makes it a lot easier for you to travel. You can get well-managed lodges at trekking.


September is the month from when the autumn season starts. The weather is beautiful as it is stable and you can pretty much depend on the forecast and trek to Manaslu circuit trek at utmost security. The trails are great and are its busier than

September is the starting month of the autumn season. Generally, the monsoon season at the middle of September. This month comes with stable and wonderful weather conditions. Trekking season is in full swing. Manaslu Circuit trails are busy.


October is the best month to go for trekking in Manaslu Circuit trail. The weather is perfectly comfortable, and the mountain views are awesome!!!

You’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain. During this time of the year, there are many trekkers in the trails so it’s a good idea to pre-book for the accommodation and transportation.


November marks the end of the autumn season. The temperature starts to decrease significantly. At the high altitude in the morning and night, the temperatures drop down below freezing point.

Winter Season (December to February):

Winter in Manaslu Circuit Trek

The winter brings clear skies and dry weather in Manaslu Circuit trail. The temperatures are warm during the daytime but significantly decrease as the sun sets. Thus, the temperature easily down to -20ºC during the night-time and early morning.

Once again, the number of trekkers in the Manaslu Circuit trail decrease.


Usually, around mid-December the locals of Samdo village move downwards to Pokhara to escape the cold. Thus, most of the teahouses are closed only a few people remain behind to look after the village.


The temperature at the beginning of the month is very cold but the skies are mostly clear. You’ll see the trails are covered with the snow so to cross the pass you might need crampons.

Since January is the coldest month of the year, you have to do enough struggle to pass the extremely cold night. Thus, only a few people can make their way to Manaslu Circuit during this month. Many of the teahouses are closed so it is mandatory to bring a tent and sleeping bags.


There is no vast difference between the temperature in February and January. However, at the end of the month, the few lodges are open.

Note: Nevertheless, the above is an indication only. You may encounter other weather patterns than the season you may be traveling in. Being subject to so many influences, it will never be extremely hot, but rain, snow, and wind can never be discarded completely.

But the views are still the same you’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of mountain and glaciers.