Full Day Everest View Helicopter Tour

  • Last Updated on Jun 25, 2023

One day Everest Helicopter tour will take you to the towering pinnacles of Mount Everest - the highest peak in the world and other glorious peaks. Within an hour or two, you will be able to witness the glory of Mount Everest along with pristine air, wild landscape, and the pinnacles of snow-clad mountains all around. Going on an Everest Helicopter Tour is one of the magical experiences in which beauty is beyond any human words.

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View from helicopter- Everest Base Camp heli Tour

If you have a dream of standing on the foot of the Mightiest Peak; but don’t have the courage to walk up to the base camp or have very limited time, then you can go for the helicopter tour. Within an hour or two, you will be flying at the top of the cold and quint mountain pinnacles of the Everest Region. Witnessing the aerial view of the peaks, pristine air, and the wild landscape, from the luxury of the helicopter is one of the coziest feelings you will have.

The following types of Helicopter tours are available if you want to go to Everest.

We have organized this package based on the way you are traveling or planning. If you are planning this trip with your friends, family, and relatives then you can book this package as a 1 Day Everest Base Camp Private Heli tour. And if you are planning this trip for yourself then you can book this trip as Everest Base Camp Group Joining. We will further explain these two tours separately, so you can have better knowledge of when to book which one.

1 Day Everest Base Camp Private Heli Tour

Photography Everest Base Camp Heli tour

If you are planning on booking a Private Heli tour to the Everest Base Camp, then you can customize both your schedule and the time. You don’t need to rush for any fixed departure. As for this tour, you will get to explore the mesmerizing views of snow-clad mountains from the Kalapatthar including the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest.

1 Day Everest Base Camp Heli Tour – Group Joining

View from Heli Tour

As for this tour, things are rather exciting as you will come across various people from different backgrounds while enjoying their company during the tour. The financial burden that one must share will be reduced greatly.

And going on this trip does not diminish your returns as well. You’ll get the same service as a private helicopter tour while sharing the price of a private Heli tour with the individuals you are traveling with. But, you need to book this trip beforehand, you will not be able to join this trip immediately. We need to check availability for this tour i.e. we need to have enough members for the cost management.

During the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December you may be able to get the daily departure other than these months you can inform us about the date you want to do the tour and we can check the availability.

Yak on snow

Both tours have the same itinerary, so you don’t need to worry about being bad or getting fewer services. You can simply book your trip depending on whether you are traveling alone or with your group. If you have a group of 4 to 6 people then it is best to book a private tour, as you can distribute the price with your group and will cost you the same as a group joining.

The cost of a Private Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp ranges from $ 4900 all the way to $ 5800 during the main season and $ 4400 to $ 4900 in the offseason. If you want more details on the itinerary and services, you can visit our page 1-day Everest View Heli tour.

If you wish to stand at the foot of the mighty peak and witness the Sky touching apex of Mt. Everest, within a short period of time then the One Day Everest View Heli Tour is for you. Himalayan Scenery treks have been specially designed for this trip to help people with less time, so they can take a break from their daily busy schedule and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the world’s tallest mountain.

Himalayan Scenery

Himalayan Scenery