Karnali River Rafting Detailed itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel:

    In accordance with your flight schedule, we will be at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu to extend a warm welcome to you in our beautiful country for the beautiful trip. After exchanging warm welcome greetings at the arrival section, we will lead you to our vehicle to transfer you to our trip hotel. It’s a day at complete leisure on your own to relax the jet lag. But we will help you with the information to go around in case you’d like to do so.

    • Hotel
    • 1400 Meters
  • Day 2: Drive to Surkhet:

    This is a long bus journey, so be prepared with water and other necessary things required for the trip. We travel to the far west and arrive in Surkhet very late in the evening or early hours of the next morning. You are able to rest or even get some sleep here before we begin our next adventurous journey.

    • Day 3: Drive to Sauli:

      After breakfast, we continue our drive as far as the road goes, until about lunchtime put in point at Dungeshwar (5 hrs). This section of the drive offers yet unspoiled scenery of charming villages and farm. We will do a short rafting trip after lunch to set up the first night's camp by the bank of Karnali.

      • Day 4: Rafting and camping on beach:

        After having breakfast, we will set off for the wild ride. This section of the river is terribly wild. Continuous rapid makes rafter forget to breathe. At this point, we can get at least one great class IV rapid in. Starting our adventurous rafting journey, we will float for around 4 hours on the rapid. We will take a break between noon, and again float for an hour before we set up our fast camp at the side of the beach for the overnight stay.

        • Day 5: Raft 5 hours and Camp at beach in between of Jungle:

          This is the type of day that people imagine when they think of Himalayan water. It is big and continuous. We enter into the Jungle Corridor. This is a narrowing jungle clad gorge and it is all ours. The team building is put into full practice and when your guide shouts "all forward " he really means it. Enjoy the ride all day and camp in this sensational setting. We will cap at the beach in between jungle for the overnight.

          • Day 6: Camp at the Seti Dovan and relax:

            More of the same including the notorious GOD's HOUSE rapid. Don't forget to take in the bird life which is equally as abundant as the lush vegetation. We will camp at Seti Dovan for the night.

            • Day 7: Camping at Jamuna village

              It isn't over yet! Keep paddling hard! You really are experiencing the best of the west on yet another day of great action and breathtaking scenery. O/n at Jamuna village on Camp.

              • Day 8: Rest day for dry the clothes and Explore

                This is a rest day after the continuous 3 days of rafting. Use the day off to rest and dry your clothes. You can also utilize the time, exploring and enjoying the surrounding.

                • Day 9: Rafting Continue

                  We see the rapids dying off as we come out of the gorge. We pass the confluence with the Seti River where the river broadens. Today, the next day and a half are a chance to enjoy your journey admiring the country and villages you pass. You will have seen the safety kayakers in action and will no doubt be inspired, so ask the guides for some supervised instruction, or take over the raft and learn about the river.

                  • Day 10: End this trip in the early afternoon at Chisopani:

                    This is the final day of the river journey. We end this trip in the early afternoon at Chisopani Bridge & lunch is served there. You will get the night bus to back to Kathmandu or you can enjoy in Bardia National Park, which is famous for bird watching and jungle activities.