Best Base Camp Treks in Nepal

  • Last Updated on Aug 10, 2022

Nepal is a Himalayan paradise with 8 of the highest and most majestic peaks in the world. Nepal has a portion of the world's ideal and most iconic Himalayas with tough trails. The base camp trek doesn’t help you conquer the peak. Yet, trekkers can experience the excitement and adventure after in sighting the greatest mountains in front of them. Basecamp trek is considered moderate in difficulty level. Hence, trekkers who are planning for a base camp trek need a fit body and a mindset of adventure in order to complete the base camp trek. Here are the tough and best trails for trekking in Nepal that take you to the base camp of praised mountains.

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Top 5 Best Base Camp Treks In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Gokyo Chola Pass

The Everest Base camp is the most popular base camp trek and likely the most desired trek on the planet. If you are not daring enough to summit the world’s highest peak you can get the experience of rugged trails. The Everest base camp trek takes you up to an altitude of 5,545m from where you can insight the world's highest peak face to face. Everest Base Camp Trekking begins with the scenic flight from Kathmandu to the marvelous hill town of Lukla.

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp trekking

The Annapurna Base camp trek is another base camp trek you need to keep on your bucket list. You will get the chance to experience the beauty of the Himalayas in this trek. Ghorepani and Poon hill are hiking included in this trek. You can view the most amazing panoramic view of the mountains from Poon Hill. Most trekkers don’t want to miss the Sunrise view over these panoramic Himalayas. Other than the Panoramic view of the Himalayas trekkers can experience ethnic Gurung culture, lush rhododendron forests, and terraced rice paddies. Annapurna Base Camp trek always amazes every trekker wondering on the path towards Annapurna base camp.

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Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Massif while trekking to Makalu base camp

The Makalu Base camp trek is one of the most scenic adventure treks. Mt. Makalu (8463 m) is the world’s fifth highest peak and is one of the most beautiful and stunning mountains with beautiful scenery. Makalu base camp trek provides trekkers with an opportunity to explore the snow-clad landscape, high-altitude terrains, and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. While trekking to Makalu base camp five major ecological zones can be explored. Where the lush, tropical Arun Valley, dense forests of rhododendron, fir, and alpine meadows lead to the might Barun glacier.

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Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

Camping around kanchenjunga Base Camp

The Kanchenjunga Base camp trek is the best trek if you want to explore the remote areas, their local culture, and stunning mountain scenery. Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) is the world’s third tallest mountain. Kanchenjunga Base camp trek is infamous for its diverse flora and fauna and the view of the world's third highest peak. The trail passes through the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which is managed by a locale associated with WWF. The trail becomes more adventurous as you insight the variety of flora and fauna on the way to the base camp.

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Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

Sunrise View with Mt Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri is considered to have the most adventurous path which is the reason only a few of the trekkers has reached the base camp. If you dare and trek to Dhaulagiri base camp you will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Trails leading to Dhaulagiri passes through Annapurna massif Himalaya including beautiful Sherpa villages rich in local culture, including hidden valleys, hills, and terrace. If you are daring and want to experience different from trekking then you should trek to Dhaulagiri. It is an ideal choice as you can experience the wide range of climates in mountains and can insight the most stunning views of the Himalayan Region.

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Sarik Shrestha

Sarik Shrestha