The Keys To A Successful Everest Base Camp Trekking

  • Last Updated on Jun 14, 2024

Trekking to the Himalayas of Nepal is truly a pleasant thing you will ever encounter. Wondering around the swift-flowing rivers, strolling in the deep alpine forest with a wide variety of vegetation, crossing the crevasses, and getting one with the Nepalese culture and way of life, is a kind of experience that will last for a lifetime. We can say that Nepal is the country of contrast where you can find the abode of the living goddess, temples, and rich architecture on every corner.

Nepal is a paradise for people who like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a quality in the tranquil nature. Since the 1960’s Nepal has attracted thousand and thousand of trekkers, travel enthusiasts, and mountaineers from all around the globe.

Among all the major trekking destinations scattered all around Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the must-do trekking for all travel enthusiasts. Trekking through the region of the Khumbu is a journey of a lifetime for many people while it encompasses both thrill and adventure with a memorable experience to share with your friends and family once you return.

The Everest Base Camp Tracking pack an undesirable journey to the foothills of the world's highest peak Mount Everest. During your trekking day to the Everest Base camp, you will pass through many Sherpa settlements decorated with fluttering prayer flags, experience the unspoiled Sherpa culture, encounter various flora and fauna flourishing in the forest, witness the Khumbu Icefall, and finally arrive at the base camp to see the unparalleled beauty of the mighty Everest soaring high above below the deep blue sky.

After running a hundred tips to this magnificent land of the Himalayas, we have come up with a list of trekking and hiking guides to the Everest Base Camp, that will guide you throughout your journey to the Base Camp of Mount Everest while saving your time for planning and make the journey hustle free and enjoyable.

20 Successful Key To Everest Base Camp Trek for your trek in 2021

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                                             Classic Everest Base Camp Trek from Kathmandu to EBC - 14 Days

What to Expect from Everest Base Camp Trekking Package

Planning for an Everest Base Camp Trekking can be a hustle if you are not familiar with the trekking route if you are trekking alone. Mostly it gets trickier to arrange the accommodation, as it is difficult to communicate. Hiring an agency for traveling to the base camp of Everest will be much easier and saves a lot of time for you.

Buying an all-inclusive package means everything will be well arranged for you beforehand. From accommodation, and food to flight details everything will be right there without you having to wander around managing everything.

Here are the things you can expect from all-inclusive Everest Base Camp Trekking in Himalayan Scenery Treks:

  • Accommodation in Kathmandu for Two Nights (Before and After Trekking)
  • Pick Up and Drop from Tribhuvan International Airport
  • All accommodation during the trekking days
  • Kathmandu to Lukla / Ramechaap to Lukla two-way airfare
  • Guide and Porters during the trek
  • All the necessary permits and TIMS card for trekking
  • All government and Local Taxes
  • Worst case, help with all rescue and evacuation arrangements.

The Classic Everest Base Camp Trekking Package does not include the following:

  • Accommodation for extra days (If not agreed beforehand)
  • International Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra Snack during the trek
  • Tips for the guide and porters
  • Personal Expenses like a hot shower, WIFI/internet on the trek

Choose your Trekking days wisely

If you are planning your trip to Everest Base Camp, then you must know about the weather that best suits you. It means every season is best to do the Everest base camp trek but all you need to do is choose one favorable season which best suits your personality and the environment and surrounding you want to be in.

The best season for Everest Base camp trekking is between September to Late November. During this time the weather around the Everest region is at its best. The month from March is May is also one of the popular times for making your way to the Everest Base Camp. The month of May is the warmest in the entire time making the weather stable. At this time of the month, you can also see various climbers making their way to conquer the peak of Everest.

The monsoon season i.e., from June to August is a very difficult time for trekking. The continuous rain and snow make the path slippery, making it harder to reach the Base Camp. Nature is also distorted because of the rain and you cannot experience the beauty of Nature. Hiking through the trail in December is quite easier but cold. During this time this region receives very few trekkers, so trails are empty and accommodation is easily available. If you can withstand the trail then this month of the year will be great for you to enjoy the EBC trekking to the fullest.

Choose Reputed Trekking Agency for Travel

A good selection of the trekking agency is the most important thing to be considered before your actual trekking days. A reputed trekking agency as your travel companion means well planned and enjoyable trip. While selecting the trekking agency, be wise to choose the reputed trekking company, as a reputed agency has the proper guide and is well prepared for the worst condition you may encounter during your trekking days.

There are two major challenges in Everest Base Camp trekking; one is the weather condition and the other one is the altitude. Weather conditions may result in a delay in the flight for hours or even days from Katmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu / Ramecchaap. Hiring a local reputed travel agency has a good relationship with the airport official, and can handle the flight delays more efficiently and faster.

Everest Base Camp Trekking from Kathmandu To Base Camp

While going on Everest base Camp trekking another huddle you have to overcome is the altitude. As you gain a significant amount of elevation i.e., 5,364 meters ((17,598 ft)) during the EBC trek, acclimatization is the best thing to do. A slow and controlled ascending while trekking amply time to rest and acclimatize will help your body adapt to the high altitude surrounding, significantly reducing the chance of getting AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Experienced Everest Base Camp Trekking Leaders / Guides are very much prepared and exceptionally experienced here and as a rule, can help the traveler make changes following side effects and complete the trip—or assist the adventurer with getting the mountain securely.

Pack Enough Snacks for the Trek

Once you are on the trail you will be depleting your energy while hiking up and gaining altitude. It is always better to keep yourself fueled up and energize during the hike. The snack will cost you more as you gain altitude so it's always best to care for your bucks. Having your own snack is more assuring than finding and consuming it. You can carry your favorite snacks and can have them as your reward after completing your daily hike.

Carry Portable Widgets and Power Banks

You can pack a travel thermos so you could always enjoy a warm drink while hiking up in the cold morning. You might as well pack some tea bags so you could enjoy your hot tea with beautiful scenery and your group of friends. Charging your devices is pretty expensive in the mountains as there is very low availability of electricity. So, carrying power banks could save a great deal for you. You can charge your power banks instead of your phone so you could charge your phone in the long run and always stay connected.

The other thing we recommend if you want to stay connected is to purchase an NCELL network card and you can use the data package. The data package is rather cheap compared to the Wi-Fi fees you need to pay. You can as well stay connected on the trail.

Carry Hand Wipes

Hand wipes can be pretty useful during the trek. You can freshen up yourself during the cold rather than taking the bath. Major tea house only provides hot water with bucks and bathing with cold water on the Himalayas is a bad idea so carrying hand wipes could really help you out.

Prepare Head Torch

Having a head torch is a plus point for your trekking. You can use it while hiking in the morning or wither on the tea houses where there is a lack of lights. The restroom/toilet is not attached to the tea houses sometimes you can use the torch to find a way to the restrooms during the dark as well.

Pack your Skincare and Goggles

During the trek, you should always be hydrated and moisturized. The cold can damage your skin so carrying your skincare such as sun protection, skin moisturizer, and lip balms is essential. You should always remember to use these products depending on your skin. Carrying a sunglass helps you greatly as well. It's better to not look at the snow with your bare eyes. You can either carry prescribed glasses or at least a clip-on so you could better protect your eyes from the snow-blind.

Keep Hydrating

keep Hydrating to be safe frim AMS EBC trek

It is the most crucial tip for you if you are traveling on any mountain trails. It is always better to keep yourself hydrated during the trek it will help you lower the fatigue during your hike. It's better if you can pack a water purification tablet with you. This way you can always spare some water and always remember to fill your bottle or carry a spare bottle of water.

Be Careful While Hiking the Trail

The trail to Everest base camp is always busy with travelers and yaks. You should always be careful if you see a horde of yak carrying stuff. You need to keep space for them to move. It's always best to move to the corner than on the cliffside. Sherpa's and porters are always working hard to get the supplies you need during the trek so the thing you can do is get patience and wait while a yak is passing by.

Read the Terms of Service

Gaining knowledge about the destination, how difficult is the trail, and how well the rescue service on the trail is, better tips before anywhere you travel in the Himalayas. You can assure yourself of safety if you have general information on these topics. There is always information about these topics on the package page of any trusted company. These details cover the information on what can go wrong and how will they organize to make it well. Once you are booked with a Travel Company for your trip you can be assured to trek successfully with all safety measures.

Organize Your Daypack During Trek

Before you trek, you need to organize your backpack. Most tour companies will provide you with a duffle bag which will be carried by porters on the trek and all you need to carry is your day pack bags. You should always remember to keep the things that are important for you during the hike on the trail. You will not be able to access your duffle bags until you reach the teahouse in the evening. Keep in mind to pack the valuables, extra layers, rain gear, camera, water bottles, snacks, chocolate bar, moisturizing cream, sunblock, and prescription and water purifying tablet.

You need to focus on keeping the weight minimum while packing your day pack. Don’t overload your day bag pack it will be hurting you later while you have to hike for long hours on the trail. Just pack the stuff you need must and make it weigh so much that you can carry it around all day long.

Take Your Time on Trial

Always be careful to yourself to exert any extra energy while speeding along the trail with others. You need to know your own pace. Always take your time. Tell your team to help you out if you have any problem keeping with their pace. Trekking to Everest base camp is not a race you need to take your time and acclimate to the altitude as much as possible. Just make sure to rest your body if you need it.

Make Your Meal Healthy rather than Tasty

Eat Carbohydrate containing food on Everest Trek

Always make sure to refill your stomach as you will be exerting a lot of energy during the hike. Make sure your meal has every bit of vitamins and proteins. You need to assure that the food you are having is healthy and fresh. It does not eat meat at higher altitudes as they are transported from other destinations and are always not fresh.

While having your meal in the tea houses make sure your lunch consists of carbohydrates i.e. as your breakfast or lunch you can have fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains and you should also consider having protein. You can find proteins in eggs, nuts, and peanut butter.

You can find more tips on what you can find during the trek as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What to eat to keep yourself energized during the trek on Everest base camp trek food guide.

Study the Geography of Trail

It's better to know the geography and difficulty of the trail rather than being in the dark. Having a piece of knowledge about the trail could help you a lot on the actual trek. You can plan your activities after knowing how long you are going to hike during the trek. You can mentally prepare for long hikes and the altitude you will be gaining every day. Being mentally prepared is a plus point on your trek.

Waste Management

All you need to do is carry a small bag for managing your waste during the hike. You can later throw it off while you find a dustbin on trial or weather at the disposal area at the teahouse/lodge. It's very necessary to keep the trail clean so that every traveler could travel in a fresh environment. Don’t ever throw away your useless tool around the trail manage them until it's useable and find the right area to dispose of your tool as well.

Don't Expect Nice and Clean Toilets

While hiking the Himalayas of Nepal keep in mind you are traveling to a remote area where there is very little development and also you can enjoy the trek to its very natural extent. As the areas are remote so you should imagine getting slow internet and rough toilets. The bathrooms are not always well maintained and clean. Toilets are often sparse, and rugged, and you need to manually flush them after and before you use them. All you need to do is carry hand sanitizer, and wipes, and be ready to squat while using the toilets.

Rest well

During long hikes and gaining altitude, you may be exerted a lot so all you need to keep in mind is to rest along the trail as well as have good sleep during the night. You can always get a comfy bed for your sleep at teahouses but the walls are thin and the sound could travel easily. If you are the type of light sleeper it is always better to carry an earplug to reduce the noise and have a good sleep. Never stay up too late it could affect your physical wellness as you will be trekking in very harsh weather. So giving all the rest to the body is very necessary during the trek.


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