Special Package to support sherpa survive COVID 19 pandemic

  • Last Updated on Jun 26, 2023

The crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have lasted longer than our anticipation. In this global pandemic period, where one-third of the world population is under strict lockdown, we hope that you all are doing well and staying safe at the moment. We would like to send you our love, gratitude, and support for the affected people, their families, and most importantly for the healthcare workers, volunteers, and frontline workers for their help in to fight against Coronavirus.

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In this global pandemic, where a third of the world population is under strict lockdown, practicing social distancing, and fighting to get rid of this deadliest virus, there is one question bugging everyone’s head: How long does it take for the pandemic to be lifted? When will we get to travel? Will it be safe to travel after the end of the Corona Virus? When and where will it be safe to travel after the coronavirus? In the present condition where coronavirus is affecting countries in various ways, these questions are one of the most difficult to answer. However, the best way to get to the conclusion of this questionaries is to keep a regular track and monitor the situation of the destination of your travel.

These are some of the tough times as the entire world is fighting against the spread of this Coronavirus (COVID-19), we can do nothing but wait until the world recovers from this pandemic. Staying in the home and maintaining social distance will sure to help minimize the risk and spread of this virus. As we all are fighting to overcome the chaos brought by the COVID-19 virus, holding up the traveling you have created will be the best decision else it might just exacerbate the situation.

Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd has always been concerned for the safety and well-being of fellow travelers and the travel community. Amidst all the chaos, If the world wakes of the Coronavirus Spread, the world is waiting to be explored and framed. Maybe it will take next week, next month, or even takes a year or two, we will surely get through this. Once we overcome this crisis, the world awaits us to embark on a new journey. Being a responsible tour operator, we assure you that we are doing everything in our power to help control this health crisis and once it is all over, it is our highest priority to guide you on your journey and plan a perfect travel experience in Nepal.

Nepal Travel Escape After COVID-19

Himalayan Adventure After Covid 19 pandemicIn this global pandemic situation, the world’s economic sector has been shattered very badly among them tourism is one. It seems that for the tourism sector a couple of years will be a very sensitive period. Tourism which was/is one of the popular living sectors for thousands of people in Nepal is experiencing its toughest time, for the people living under the shadows of the Himalayas where the land is so barren that the cultivation of food grains is almost impossible; they are the real heroes of the mighty Himalayas living in one of the highest plateau on earth. For them their main profession or the main source of living was to carry goods of the trekkers, they have been working as a potter for many years.

Now everything has changed for them as the government officially put a ban on national and international travel, the best traveling season is over way before it started. And so with it goes all the tourism-related commerce that keeps the local economy afloat and for those Potters who are also known as the Sherpa’s life will be more challenging than what we think. Being a responsible tour operator, we are doing our utmost attempt to help those Sherpa, porters, and all people whose entire livelihood depends on tourism. In spite of all these attempts to help them, the harsh reality is that we are limited with our resources; we would request you to help us with this cause to help them. If you are also interested you can also support us for this Nobel cause, by purchasing the following travel escape.

We have created an extensive array of packages to choose from; all at just USD 999.00. Check out the deal below and support the livelihood of our sherpas, porters and their family survive this pandemic. Let's Travel With a Cause.


  Everest Base Camp Trekking After Covid 19      Trek to Langtang Valley After Coronavirus Pandemic

  Spritual Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour After COVID-19      Trekk to Annapurna Region After nobel Corona Virus pandemic

Travel Escape Highlights

  • To save the high Himalayan world popular Sherpas,
  • To save the Nepalese tourism industry, workers, and Himalayan nature.
  • Survive this pandemic Himalayan Sherpas/ Himalayan Porters/ Himalayan guides and their families.
  • To Help Nepali Covid-19 affected community
  • Uplift the Sherpa Economy after the Corona pandemic
  • Easy booking and flexible dates. Chose your date as per your interest (Valid until 2022)
  • Pay 50% in advance which will be used for livelihood and support of the travel community. You can pay the remaining 50% later.
  • Refreshment trip to Himalaya kingdom of Nepal after quarantine  

Why is this offered during a pandemic?

This is the initiation taken by the team of Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition to support those isolated communities of the Himalayas who are having difficulty managing bread and butter. It is also our effort to uplift the economy of Sherpa along with other people isolated in the Himalayas after the pandemic is over.

Why is it important?

With the uncertainty growing day by day amid COVID-19, the economy of guides, porters, and Sherpas has completely stopped. With no means to support themselves and their family, people are struggling hard to manage bread and butter. In this difficult time when our mountaineering heroes and people support us to make our travel experience memorable; it’s our turn to help them to get through this hardship. We want to be able to support everyone in this field in every possible way we can.

Our Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition team has taken an initiation to help everyone involved in this sector and henceforth suffering due to the pandemic. Therefore, we have created a package whose portion goes to help these communities survive this crisis.  So, we would like all the fellow travelers to support the Sherpa community, guide and porters to help them with their livelihood, feed their families, and help with their utilities, and medical needs.

Let us get through this together...

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