Nepal Is Safe For LGBTQ+ To Travel

  • Last Updated on Dec 23, 2023

Nepal is the first South Asian country to shout out to the world that Nepal is safe for LGBTQ+ to travel. Gay Travel in Nepal will be one of the major exposure of the country to the international world in promoting tourism. Pink Tourism is thought to give equal rights and priority to the LGBTQ+ community.

This blog will explain why Nepal is safe for LGBTQ+ Travel in the modern-tourism.

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On June 28, 2023, the Supreme Court of Nepal gave an interim order to the local bodies for registering same-sex marriage. On November 29, 2023, the first Same-Sex marriage was registered in Nepal. Since then, the LGBTQ+ topic has been a buzzword in Nepal. Not only that but Nepal is going to hold a Travel Conference on January 18 in Kathmandu. This conference will finally announce that as Thailand, Malta, the US, and a few other countries are open to Pink Tourism; so will Nepal.    

Pink Tourism Conference to be held on January 18  

In the whole of South Asia, Nepal is the first country to promote Pink Tourism. And this is officially going to happen on January 18 in Kathmandu. The major agenda of this conference will be to shout out to the world that every LGBTQ+ person can feel safe to get into this spiritual country for an escape. From Luxury to challenging travel, every travel can be considered safe to perform here.  

Now, some people might become skeptical about the countryside and Nepal understands the situation. The people from the countryside understand this concept more than the people from the cities. The Nepali people will warmly welcome you no matter what your gender or concept about gender is. Nepal does not consider homosexuality as a crime rather the people here know that this is something that is a natural form of people but no other.  

The major aim of the Pink Tourism conference in January will be the same. So, no need to worry and become skeptical about Pink Tourism in Nepal.  

Why Nepal is safe to travel to for LGBTQ+?  

Nepal is a sovereign country with never been colonized by any other empires in the past. This sandwich country which is in between two large giants India and China has so much stuff to discover. Those discoveries cannot be accomplished just in a single life. From the flat lands of Terai to the Highest Mountains of the world you can choose to be anywhere without any trouble.  

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Nepal offers everything from luxury travel to challenging treks. You just have to be confident in yourself that you can get to do anything from them. It’s like a box of chocolates. But the benefit is you get to decide which chocolate is that you want.   

Now let’s talk about the safety of traveling especially for LGBTQ+ travelers.   

Nepal has been promoted in the world as one of the most peace-loving countries. This is the land of Lord Buddha who himself promoted peace. This spiritual country’s people are so humble that they consider any guest as their God. We have a saying in Nepali which translates to, “If you make your guests unhappy then you will be cursed for lives.” Exactly as the saying says no Nepali wants to be cursed by God ever. So, we treat our guests so humbly that they never feel unhappy.   

Once you land in Nepal, we guarantee you a big cultural shock because you will see everyone smiling. You will see less chaos among the people once you get to Nepal. This is because no matter how hard the life Nepali people are living, we always put on a happy face so that this energy gets transferred to the following person.  

This positive energy is the major thing that makes you feel that you have come to heaven in Nepal.  

Accommodation Facilities  

There are hotels from 5-Stars to the Standard ones. And none of the hotels have a problem with letting LGBTQ+ travelers accommodate. You can easily get to book hotels from websites, Booking, or any other platforms. These hotels will treat you as equally as any other traveler and consider you their valuable customer but no other. You can get the hotels from anywhere between $10 to $500 per night.   

Nightlife in Nepal  

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For anyone Thamel and Pokhara are the major places where you will enjoy the best nightlife. These places are open almost 24 hours a day. They never have problems with your gender because as we discussed before everyone considers you their valuable guest only. You can kiss your partner in public and no one will consider it an offense. But in religious places, you will have to be sensitive.  

You can get food and booze from all over the world in Nepal. So, the nightlife in Nepal’s cities is as crazy and beautiful as they are in modern cities. However, the countryside doesn’t have an active nightlife.  

Gay Pride March in Nepal  

gay pride march in kathmandu

Nepal doesn’t have many actions related to LGBTQ+ programs. However, Nepal’s Blue Diamond Society organizes the Gay Pride March every year on 29th June. On this day, the people march on the streets demanding equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community all over the world.  

10 Best Adventure Destinations for LGBTQ+ Travelers in Nepal  

Nepal has to offer everything from luxury to technically challenging trekking. Here is the list of the 10 best adventure and luxury destinations for Pink Travel in Nepal:  

Everest Base Camp Trek  

everest base camp trek

EBC Trek is the most famous and classic adventure travel in Nepal. People do the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal not just to see the Everest but to be around the mountains and experience the heavenly experience. The EBC Trekking trail is full of foreigners during the best seasons. This is why this place knows about the Pink Travelers so well. Thus, we consider this trek as the best adventure for Gay Travelers.  

Luxury Nepal Tour  

nepal luxury tour

Nepal’s Luxury Tour also known as Golden Week in Nepal is another best tour for non-adventure lovers in Nepal. But do not think of it as a completely non-adventure trip. You can opt to choose any adventure like Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Paragliding, Rafting, Skydiving, and many more. Not just this, but also you can choose a less adventurous tour like Everest Mountain Flight.   

This tour starts from Kathmandu and follows through Pokhara and Chitwan. This tour can be opted for with anything from the Standard option to the Premium option.  

Annapurna Circuit Trek  

thorong la pass

Annapurna Circuit is another major adventure trek in Nepal. This trek will take you to an altitude of 5,416 meters (17,769 feet). However, even going to that high altitude you will not feel like going so high. The trails are easy and can be easily completed within 10-12 Days depending upon the itinerary you choose. This second biggest trek to the Everest Base Camp Trek starts from Kathmandu and passes through the Annapurna Mountain Range. After you reach Jomsom you will get to feel that now you don’t want to go back home but return to the mountains again.   

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek  

ghorepani poonhill trek

Now let’s talk about a short trek that happens for 4-5 Days and not so much in high altitude; Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek. This is a short trek that starts from Pokhara and ends at the same point. In a short trek if you get to see the best view of the Annapurna Mountain Ranges then why would you not opt for them? At a budget price only, this trek will offer you the best experience with safe travel.  

Manaslu Circuit Trek  

manaslu larke pass

The Manaslu Circuit Trekking is long (177 km./110 miles) but not physically tough among all the circuit treks. You will be passing through the Restricted Conservation Area which means that there are some policies with the government which is due to the open border to Tibet from Nepal. Other than that this trek offers one of the best Mountain experiences along with the trekking in the Larke La Pass.  

Kathmandu Valley Tour  

If you want to go for a short trip in Nepal within a smaller radius of 10-Miles then Kathmandu Valley Tour is your best option. Here you can choose anything from the 1 Day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour or the Bhaktapur and Patan Tour. You can get to go to any 4 locations or all the locations within 2 days on the Kathmandu Valley Tour.   

The major sites that you can go to for the tour are Kathmandu Durbar Square, Monkey Temple, Bouddhanath, Pashupatinath, Chandragiri, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square. Every place here holds a different history and views in these places. And we guarantee you that none of these places are going to disappoint you as you can see ancient Nepal in modern times through this tour.  

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour  

Imagine discovering a secret land hidden in the mountains! That's Upper Mustang, a special place in Nepal that was closed for years, but now you can visit it on this awesome driving tour.  

Get ready for breathtaking views! We'll zoom through valleys, meet friendly villagers, and see ancient temples that whisper stories of the past. Plus, you'll taste yummy food and learn about cool Tibetan traditions.  

upper mustang tour

One highlight is Lo Manthang, the main town with walls around it like a giant hug. Imagine a castle with palaces and monasteries instead of towers and knights!  

And if you're lucky, you might even see the Tiji Festival. It's like a super fun party with colorful masks and dances that celebrate ancient beliefs. So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure you'll never forget!  

lo manthang

Remember, this is a safe and respectful trip that celebrates different cultures and keeps everyone happy. We'll explore responsibly and make sure everyone has a blast! So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience.  

Buddhist Tour   

The Buddhist Tour in Nepal is another major highlight. As this country is the origin of Buddhism, you can never let go of the Buddhist Tour. This short trip can have a flexible and customizable itinerary as per your requirements. The regular trip takes you to Pharping, Namobuddha, Mahamanjushree, Nagarkot, Melamchi, Ama Yangri Base Camp, and Bajrayogini. This trip follows a specific pathway that you have to opt for for 10 Days. Moreover, for the Pink Travelers, you do not have to worry about safety.  

Langtang Valley Trek  

langtang valley trek

As we already mentioned Nepal has something to offer for every level, and we say Langtang Trek is one of them. This is a short trek in Nepal with physical and technical challenges for you but worth the trek. You can get to the Langtang Valley and Kyanjing Ri on this trek. Reaching Kyanjing Ri is always the aim of many trekkers because you will feel closer to the spiritual energy in this. Usually, the trek happens for 7 Days starting from Kathmandu with bus or Jeep travel up to Shyabrubesi. As you happen to go forward in the trek you will feel the cultural experience in the region that is going to impress you in every way possible.  

Sundarijal-Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek  

chisapani nagarkot trek

Last but not least, this is the easiest trek with obvious mountain views in Nepal. This trek happens on the nearest outskirts of Kathmandu City at a low altitude of around 2,375 meters (7,790 feet). You walk for three days on the trek starting from Shivapuri National Park in Sundarijal, this will end on the third day in Changunarayan. Even being short this trek is way safer for the LGBTQ+ travelers. 

Himalayan Scenery

Himalayan Scenery