Fun Activities at Namche Bazaar during Everest Base Camp Trek Acclimatization days!

  • Last Updated on Jun 25, 2023

Namche Bazaar is a Sherpa village that is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas that can only be reached by walking or via a helicopter. It is the last town during the Everest base camp trek where you can find modern amenities. It is situated at an altitude of 3440 meters (11,368 feet) and is the capital of Everest tourism. Trekkers, Sherpas, and even mountaineers from all the routes congregate and share their stories in this beautiful Himalayan town.

Namche Bazaar is often the rest stop during the trek to Mount Everest base camp. Since you have to acclimatize after breaking 3000 meters, Namche is the perfect place to do so. Trekkers often spend two nights at Namche, but you can customize your trip to include more days here.

So, what are the interesting things you can do in Namche?

Namche Bazaar

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Spend the day at Museums:

For a town of 1600 people, there are three museums in Namche Bazaar. That is more museums per capita than in New York City or Paris. Yes, I did the math. The museums are Sherpa Culture Museum, Sagarmatha National Park Museum, and Sagarmatha Next.

Sherpa Culture Museum is a small museum that was established in August 1990. It is a traditional Sherpa home with artifacts displayed and everyday Himalayan objects. This is a perfect place to understand the culture and lifestyle of the Sherpa people, the lifeline of the trekking and mountaineering industry in Nepal. There is a Sherpa culture photo gallery and an Everest documentation center.

Sagarmatha National Park museum is a unique 360-degree viewpoint from where you can see Mount Everest and other surrounding peaks. The museum has a bust of Tenzing Norgay, one of the first to summit Mount Everest. You can get information and facts about mountaineering on Everest.

Sagarmatha Next promotes sustainability in the Everest region. The project under the Himalayan Museum and Sustainability Park is invested in managing and improving waste management in the region.

Everest Museum

Breakfast at the Highest Hotel in the World

Everest View Hotel is recognized as a hotel at the highest altitude situated inside Sagarmatha National Park. The hotel was established in 1971 by Takashi Miyahara. At an altitude of 3880 meters, the hotel is a sign of luxury unmatched by any other in the region. Trekkers heading to the Everest base camp hike to the hotel for an acclimatization trip. For others, Everest View Hotel is a destination in itself. Those who don’t prefer to hike take a helicopter ride to the hotel.

Mountain view from Hotel Everest View

The hotel offers a magnificent view of Everest and excellent service and delicious cuisines. From the stunning hotel rooms that provide the view of mountains right from the window to the luxury bathroom, the hotel offers a piece of luxury that you don’t expect it.

Breakfast at Everest View Hotel

Drink at the Highest Irish Pub in the World

The last thing you expect in the remote mountain town in Nepal is a full-fledged Irish pub where you can drink a pint of Guinness. Whether you are going up or going down, it is the place to be. The owner is a friendly guy who is happy to serve you the choice of liquor, good food, and a tune on his guitar.

The pub is cozy and all staff is really friendly. For those going up, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and amazing cuisines, since, drinking alcohol before the trek is not advised. For those done with the trek, it is an amazing chance to unwind and share your story with fellow travelers. People visiting the pub have nothing but good words for this amazing establishment.

Irish Pub at Namche Bazar

Visit the last Survivor of the first summit of the Everest

The 1953 British expedition to Everest became the first successful summit led by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. One of the 364 porters to accompany the pioneers of Everest, Kanchha Sherpa is the last surviving member. He stays in Namche during the summer and in Kathmandu during the winter.

Kanchha is now 87 and lives happily with prayer wheels constantly by his side. He remembers every detail from the legendary expedition and is happy to recount the tales with people. Kanchha was chosen by none other than Tenzing Norgay to be a part of his expedition to Everest.

Shopping in the Himalayas

Namche Bazaar is the last town on the trail to the Everest base camp with a proper market, except for emergencies. So, it’s your last chance to buy anything missing from your trekking gear with a reasonable choice of shops, considering the remoteness of the town. While going up, stock up on snacks for the trip. The price will be expensive the higher you go.

If you’re coming back, this is a chance to buy souvenirs. You can buy souvenirs in Thamel, Kathmandu at probably a lower cost, but it’s not the same. If you’re running out of cash, Namche has an ATM. Also, if you happen to be at Namche on Saturday, you will witness a temporary market where locals meet and sell their goods.

Shop at Namche

Check out Everest Expedition T-Shirts at Cafe Danphe

Name after the national bird of Nepal, it is one of the original bars at Namche. You get to see the cafe walls lined with t-shirts from Everest expeditions and Everest base camp trekking. Indulge in Everest movies, documentaries, and more while playing pool and enjoying some cake and coffee. Don’t overdo the coffee on your way up.

Shopping at Namche Bazar

Enjoy the Himalayan Delicacies

If you are ready to fuel for your upcoming trek or reward yourself for a job well done, check out the amazing bakeries in Namche Bazaar. There’s a German bakery, Hermann Helmer’s, where you can hang out with numerous delicacies and a cup of coffee. There’s also Namche Bakery and Cafe, closer to the center of the town.

Also, there are other great places to eat like Illy Espresso Bar, Tomodachi Japanese Restaurant, and Sherpa Barista. Don’t forget to check out local delicacies like Tibetan bread, homemade rice beer, and more while you’re there.

Enjoy Day Hikes in the Khumbu Region

Day Hikes in the Khumbu Region

There are a few hikes and small treks you can do in the region. One of the most popular hikes is the Everest View Hotel. If you are hiking to the Everest base camp, it is part of your standard itinerary for acclimatization. If you request a custom itinerary, you can hike to destinations like Khumjung and Khunde villages and Thame village.

Khumjung and Khunde are twin villages at the base of the sacred Khumbila peak. It also serves as an acclimatization hike for some trekkers who prefer hiking a little further than Everest View Hotel. Here, you visit Khumjung School and Khunde Hospital, established by Sir Edmund Hillary.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can hike to Thame village. This is an old Sherpa village and home to some of the best climbers in the world, including Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. It also houses Thame monastery, the oldest in the Khumbu region.

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Mandip Parajuli

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