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As the Nicola mentioned in her blog, the trip in Nepal is not the place to be recommended for the faint-hearted person. Trekking in Nepal is not an easy task, it’s the real test of the endurance capacity and ability.

Nepal is the country with multiple climate, culture, geography, religion, multilingual and multi-ethnic and represents overall features of the world. Nepal is the country to experience the real beauty of the Mother Nature at its best. Along with the natural beauty, the diversity in culture, religion, sky touching the Himalayas adds the flavor. If you want to see the beauty of Nature at its best then Nepal is the perfect destination for you. Trekking in Nepal will take you to the journey in a dramatic mixture of arid mountains, towering Himalayan peaks, diverse culture, a wide variety of flora and fauna, traditional living and spectacular scenery.

Some of the reasons why you should keep Nepal for you next travel destination are discussed below:

Rich in Natural Beauty:

Nepal is the country gifted by nature itself. Nepal is a paradise full of unparalleled natural beauty and scenery. Being rich in biodiversity, Nepal has over 6800 flowering plants, 600 families of butterflies and is the home for more than 900 species of birds. With the highest point in the country Mt. Everest (8848 m) and 8 of the tallest mountain, Nepal is full of the breathtaking scenery of the snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the dense tropical jungles in the middle and gigantic plain lands to the south. Trekking in Nepal will help you to explore the beauty at its best level.

Full of cultural Diversity, spirituality, and mysticism:

Cultural diversity, spirituality, and mysticism is the major reason for making Nepal your trekking destination. Nepal is so rich in its culture, customs and tradition which is totally different from the Europeans. Nepal has more than 125 nationalities with their own different language, custom, tradition, culture, lifestyles, and religion. While walking around Nepal, you will find ceremonies going on in most of the temple along with the mantras hearing throughout the street. Similarly, on the trekking path to the Himalayas, you’ll get chance to observe various Buddhist monasteries and the villages with unique culture and tradition.

Explore the foothills of Himalayas:

Nepal is a country situated in the heart of the Himalayas. With the highest point in the country Mt. Everest (8848 m) and 8 of the tallest mountain in the world, Nepal is full of the breathtaking scenery of the snow-capped Himalayas. Trekking in Nepal lets you explore the Himalayan Scenery like never before. You can explore the most popular trekking site i.e. Everest base camp trekking, upper mustang trek, Annapurna Trek and Langtang valley trek and rejoice the scenery sitting next to the towering Himalaya.

Safest Destination to Visit:

Nepal is one of the safest destinations to visit in South East Asia where you can spend your quality time embracing the Natures beauty. In spite of different ethnicity, religion, custom, and tradition, people here live in peace and harmony with the feeling of brotherhood. Nepal is well known for its friendly behavior and hospitality. While trekking in the rural part of Nepal, you will be mesmerized by seeing the generosity of the people. The hardworking people of the rural area and there generous and happy nature will always lead the chart.


Nepal is the country where we can find any major religion. Nepal practices a whopping of 10 different religion among its people. About 80% of the total population of Nepal is Hindus, 10 percent are Buddhist, 4% is Buddhist and the rest are Christian, Sikh, and Jains. It is a place where myths meet the reality and divine meets the God. Nepal is also famous as the city of Temples. Temples and monasteries could be found in every part of Nepal. People in Nepal are highly devoted to the gods. Trekking in Nepal helps you find your true spiritual comfort.

Unique Geography:

The geography of Nepal is varied, ranging from the breathtaking snow-capped peaks of the towering Himalayas in the North, dense tropical jungle in the middle and vast plains at the south. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) the world highest mountain is situated in Nepal. Similarly, Tlicho lake- Lake situated at the highest altitude, Arun Valley – the deepest valley, Dana- the deepest George is also in Nepal. With the diverse geographical structure, in 2008 worlds famous magazine “National Geography’ has declared Nepal as the best destination for travel.

Experience adventurous activities:

If you are the person who wants to know the true meaning of adventure, thrill, and adrenaline, then Nepal is the place where you will get chance to experience all at a time. Jumping from a 1700 m high cliff into the lake to the bungee jumping from160m suspension bridge; Nepal will assure you a full thrilling experience and the memory to cherish for a lifetime. Similarly, activities like white water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-flying and ultralight flying etc. are all possible in Nepal.

Nepalese respect towards guest:

Nepal is well known for its friendly behavior and hospitality. Trekking in Nepal will be the out of the world experience because Nepalese takes guest as god and serves them with the best way they can. Every Nepalese people greets there guest with a smile and help you in every chance they get. The more you go further from the city, you will be more overwhelmed with the hospitality, Nepalese people have to offer.

Hassel free visa and low-cost travel:

Nepal makes all the thing easy and comfortable for the foreigners who want to experience and explore the magnificence of nature alongside the abundance of culture, religion as well as wide variety of flora and fauna. Foreigners can get their visas on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Visa is available for tourist as per there plan to stay in Nepal. You’ll just need to fill up the form on the spot or can fill the form online to get the visa. Not only getting a visa is easy, Nepal is also known for its low-cost travel as compared to other destination. You will be able to easily travel to Nepal on a budget of less than $25 a day (depends on the type of accommodation and transportation) and have all level of experience.