Trekking Season

Trekking Season in Nepal

As Nepal is a diverse country that has a varied landscape with different geographical conditions. This has been the main reason to promote trekking throughout the year in various regions of Nepal. Nepal boasts all the tropical as well as alpine weather conditions. If you are thinking of trekking then you can choose your schedule throughout the year. There are four distinct seasons classified in a year with each season having its own fit destinations as its attraction.

Winter (between December to February):

During the winter season, at a higher altitude, there is moderate snowfall occasionally. So, it is best to trek below 3000m. during this season you can take a tour around other beautiful cities of Nepal. The trek in higher altitudes in this season is slippery and dangerous with extremely cold weather. Even if you are trekking at a lower altitude don’t forget to pack thick jackets on your backpack. It is best to take the tour in terai reason as the days are better in this season.

Spring (between March to May):

As the autumn season is more crowded this will be the most amazing season for trekking. The views of mountains and other natural sceneries are beautiful. Other than that, you get to trek on quite a path. During this season most of the flowers are blooming which makes the trek in high hills more attractive with rhododendron forests. If you are to trek in this season then you will get the perfect capture of nature with the splendid views. And if you are daring enough then you can conquer peaks in this season. This season is considered the best season for peak climbing.

Summer (between June to August):

It is best to avoid any trekking during the summer season as the rain will be pouring any time anywhere at this time of year. But if you want to explore the vegetation and wild species of flora then you must pack your luggage with a pair of raincoats and a Thermos bottle so that you could get a sip of tea while observing the beautiful forests in the rain. The views are very great during the season but it is hard to trek as the path are slippery and more dangerous during this season.

Autumn (between September to November):

Autumn is the best season for trekking in the context of Nepal. During this time of year, there are a lot of trekkers and every destination is crowded. The main reason for all those crowds is that during this time of year you can get the great clear views of every scenery including peaks and you can encounter various species of animals roaming around the forest trails and birds flying in the clear sky.

Autumn is the best tourist season in Nepal. With clear blue skies and the views of the snow-capped peaks being totally visible, this is the boom season for the tourism industry in Nepal.