Nepal @ Glance
Nepal is blessed with rich natural attributes and sophisticated cultural history. More than anything else it is the birthplace of Buddha (light of Asia) who led the world towards peace and serenity and the land of Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha ), the top of the world. It is a sovereign, independent Himalayan kingdom with India in the east, west south and with the Tibetan autonomous region of p.r. china in the north.

Nepal is the land of remote mountain villages where people survive by growing their own food on the thousands of hill terraces that scale even the steepest slopes. It is well known as a mystical land of unparalleled verities with the altitude of 70m above the sea level in the south & 8848m height of in the north. This vast diversity in altitude is reflected in our unique culture.

Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world is not only touristic attraction, but it is also very famous for natural beauty particularly the soaring peaks of the Himalayas, terraced farmland, hilly foot trails and the forested plains full of rare wild animals including the lordly tiger and one horn rhinoceros.

The religious homogeneity is the next unique feature of Nepal. The flourishing of art and architecture of Nepal reflect the artistic ingenuity and the religious tradition of people as well. The crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers with deep gorge and hot springs can be well thoughts out as the major astonishing point of Nepal and plants like orchids and laden rhododendrons is as charming as you can visualize. Verities of ethnic groups have their own dramatic culture, languages, and dialects but most of them can communicate in Nepali. The past splendor and glory of this land can be seen in the architectural expression still to be found in the ancient cities of Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur.

Nepal offers the visitor so many different environments to explore even in a short time. We are the only country to have 7 (UNESCO) world heritage sites. it is a majestic country which can please all types of touristic along with their individual carvings for thrilling mountain expeditions, trekking, jungle safari with world’s largest Variety of birds, highly turbulent revenire adventures like rafting and kayaking, Bungy jump, panoramic flight scene, and hot air ballooning. trekking opportunities are there throughout the year. However, the most popular season is Feb. to May & Sept. to Dec. Nepal offers something for everyone. It offers numerous treks: Short to long, easy and more challenging a waits. The dream of Everest trek a wait. Nepal has been called “A trekkers paradise” with the most spectacular trekking routes in the world.

We are sure that Nepal is the perfect and best location for your happiest holiday.

Neal is covering only 0.1% of the total landmass of the earth and it is a home to;

  • 2% of all the flowering plants in the worlds.
  • 8% of the world’s population of birds (more than 848 species).
  • 4% of mammals on earth.
  • 11 of the world’s 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species.
  • 600 indigenous plant families.
  • 319 species of exotic orchids.

Area: 147,181 sq. Kilometers.
Location: Situated between China in the north and India in the south, East and West.
Capital: Kathmandu.
Population: 23.1 Million.
Altitude: 60 meters from sea level to highest 8,848 meters.
Language: Nepali is the national language. However, travel-trade and educated people understand and speak English as well.