Current conditions of Corona Virus in Nepal | Is Nepal Safe To Travel?

  • Last Updated on Jun 24, 2023

With the abundance of natural beauty, sky towering Himalayas, varieties of flora, and fauna, Nepal is truly a piece of paradise. It’s the dream heaven for those who want to witness the natural beauty from up close. Nepal is the home to the world's highest peak Mount Everest, and it is also the land that gave birth to the Lord Gautam Buddha, The Light of Asia, and Sita, the daughter of the earth goddess.

Because of the beautiful nature, and breathtaking views, Nepal has become one of the most adventurous and popular destinations for various activities like trekking, mountaineering, hiking, and many more.

There are more appealing places worth a visit because of the country’s rich multiculturalism and ethnic diversity. Traveling to those places makes you able to catch your dreams of astonishing travel and trekking experience in Nepal. There are many well-rounded traveling destinations that offer the best traveling opportunities that expand the entire country of Nepal.

With so much to explore in this beautiful country Nestled within the Himalayas, many people are found confused with a similar question, Is Nepal Safe to Travel to? With the outbreak of the Corona Virus and its effects being seen all around the globe, people are often seemed to be confused about the fact, Will it be safe to Travel to Nepal? What are the chances one can get infected with Corona Virus if they travel to Nepal?

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Corona Virus

Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

Nepal is a small country surrounded by two great nations China and India. Having a border with China, thousands of Nepali are in China and a lot of tourists from China are in Nepal. With the fact that Nepal Shares borders with China, many people believe that the Coronavirus has entered Nepal.

Despite the fact that China is the Neighbouring country of Nepal and has a lot of Chinese people wandering the streets of Nepal, there are very few cases of Coronavirus infection. On 17th January, a 32 years old Nepali citizen was suspected of having a coronavirus infection. He was supposed to be infected with coronavirus in Wuhan and now he has been admitted to Nepals’ top infectious hospital.

The Nepali who was infected with this Corona infection has been released from the clinic subsequent to making a full recuperation and is under regular monitoring.

If you are planning to travel to Nepal, but are afraid of the coronavirus epidemic, then you should not hold yourself back. The Government of Nepal is doing all it can to stop coronavirus from entering the nation and make Nepal a safe destination during the visit to Nepal year 2020. In this context, Nepal is safe to travel to. However, necessary precaution is needed just in case.

Nepal is a country full of natural and cultural diversity. As per the report released by the Nepal Health ministry, Nepal has not got any health emergencies diagnosed with coronavirus in Nepal. Many NGOs and INGO in collaboration with the Nepal government are working to control this outbark. If you are willing to visit Nepal, we assure you that this outbreak will not hamper your travel experience in Nepal. So, get your backpack and explore this beautiful country without fear of getting infected by the Corona Virus Epidemic.

What are the Measures taken by Nepal Government to control Coronavirus from spreading into the country?

To prevent the Coronavirus from entering in Nepal after the number of infections in China soared, the Government of Nepal halted trade with china and closed the Rasuwagadi border on January 28. Rasuwagadi is the major trade point between the two nations.

Apart from the closure of the Rasuwagadi border, the Nepal government has also suspended all flights from China to Nepal. The government has also set up a health desk at Tribhuvan International airport and border checkpoints plus issued a circular to various hospitals in Nepal to be careful about this virus and immediately inform the health ministry if any such cases are being suspected. These measures were taken by the nation to prevent and stop coronavirus from spreading into the country.

Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and the effect of Corona Virus

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) announced the “Visit Nepal 2020” in the year 2020 with the target of attracting 2 million travelers to Nepal. This year is committed to the tourism industry of Nepal with the vision of making a reasonable brand picture of Nepal as a travel and vacation destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal, enhancing the growth of the tourism industry, and enhancing local tourism as a supportable industry. The main objective of organizing such a campaign is to promote Nepal as the best destination for travel among national as well as international travelers.

Visit Nepal Year 2020

As Nepal is celebrating the Visit Nepal Year 2020, the coronavirus epidemic has had a great impact on the tourism industry of Nepal. As China is the major tourist receiving region of Nepal, with this outbreak Nepal has closed all its borders to China because of which the economic sustainability of the Tourism Industry has been hugely affected.

The Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal has appealed to all international travelers to visit Nepal without any fear or hesitation. The General Secretary of TAAN in her statement added, “ Nepal is continuing its Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign and has ensured that all the safety mechanism is in place to contain coronavirus cases and make it safe and sound to travel in Nepal.”

TAAN Press Release for Corona Virus Issue

The Tourism Ministry of Nepal, Yogesh Bhattarai has shown a major concern regarding this fatal outbreak and its impact on the tourism industry. Furthermore, He invited all international travelers to come to Nepal without any hesitation or the slightest fear whatsoever regarding the coronavirus in Nepal as Nepal is a corona-free zone and a destination that offers lifetime experiences. He appealed to all to promote Visit Nepal Year 2020 with full energy and strength.

Special Trekking and Tour Packages for 2020

Himalayan Scenery

Himalayan Scenery