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Everest Base Camp Trek being one of the most exciting, thrilling and famous treks in Nepal attracts thousands of travelers from around the world. The trek simply takes you to the base camp of world tallest mountain. Most of the trekkers are unknown about the smallest fact about the Base Camp and about the trails. Although every company tries to explain about the trail and trek you may not be able to get enough so you need to do little research yourself as you plan your trip. We have been writing various blogs so that we can reach thousands of trekkers and help them know more about facts, News and can get the general knowledge on what to expect while you are doing the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal.

Tea Houses in Everest Base Camp Trek

Here, we are going to be explaining about the lodges/tea houses in Everest Base Camp trails depending on the guidelines and information based from News, Guides, Trekkers, and Sherpas. It’s very hard to run the business at high altitude so there are no lodges/tea houses that are associated with businessman/companies around Kathmandu or any other places. All most every Lodges/Tea house here are run by local people’s and Sherpa’s. Thus, expecting for very good services can make you disappointed but if you are expecting good hospitality you will be surprised to see how friendly and caring these Sherpa’s are of Himalayas.

Not having good services does not necessarily means that they don’t have hygienic food or enough foods. Every Lodges/Tea Houses here provides you with the most hygienic foods but all you need to care about is hydrating yourself. You need to check if you can consume water provided from these lodges/tea houses or you need to consume mineral water. [Note: Mineral water cost you extra].

Everest Base Camp Trek Blog

Lodges and Tea house provide hygienic water, but you may not be used to drinking water from natural sources it may arise side effects but if you properly check and be careful while hydrating yourself there’s no risk of any side effect. You may find lodges and tea houses built in the traditional way. Normally these tea houses are built by local people by using local material available around. You would be disappointed if you are wanting to do your lodging in fancy lodges.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Trails

Now, here is everything you need to know about the tea houses and lodges you are going to stay while doing the Everest Base Camp trek. We have described their services, foods and beverage and their hospitality making it easier for you on what kind of expectation you can keep for your lodging while trekking to Everest Base Camp.

How are the rooms?

Mostly you will find twin-basis accommodation along the trails. There is a single room, but they as well have twin beds with some other furniture like a small table or a chair. The size of the room, quality, cleanliness, and furnishing mostly differ in various tea houses and lodges.

If you are planning your trip during peak season, then be prepared for sharing your room with other trekkers. All most every tea house are packed with trekkers and getting a single room is almost impossible. But if want a single room you should book your trip during seasons while there are fewer trekkers around trails. You can not even get room sometime if you are not booked during peak seasons and you may be forced to sleep in dormitory styled rooms.

Rooms here are not facilitated with any kind of heating services/things. There is a lack of electricity and fuel for conducting and using any heating things and services. So, it is most to carry sleeping bag beforehand.

The room is securedwith a padlock as a security concern. But if you are more concern about your own security then its recommended to bring padlock by yourself it will help you feel more secure. It’s secured while there are low rates of trekkers but during peak season it may not be available so it's better to carry by yourself.

Foods and Beverage on Tea houses/Lodges:

You will be served all meals of the day at tea house while you are trekking Everest Base Camp Trail. Not that you will be served all meal at the same tea houses. You will be served dinner and breakfast at the same tea house where you stayed the night while for lunch your guide will find the appropriate tea house while hiking towards next destination.

Foods In Everest Base Camp

You can find almost all western foods, but the recipe may be different.  It's suggested sticking with traditional foods at tea houses. These traditional foods are freshly made and use traditional recipe and ingredients while for the western foods most of the ingredients are delivered and may not be as fresh. The food although is hygienic and taste good.

If you are a meat lover, try to minimize consumption of meat items as much as possible. Meats like Chicken and muttons are mostly delivered from Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal. You can check out Everest Base Camp Trek Food Guide blog for further information about foods provided in Everest Base Camp.

Toilets on Tea houses/Lodges:

In tea houses located at high altitude, you will find basic toilets and bathrooms with minimal services to it. Most toilets at high altitude are squat but at low altitude, you will be able to find toilets and bathroom designed in western styles.

You will also find some toilets like a hut with some hole dug for littering. And the most important thing is you need to carry toilet paper by yourself. Most of the tea houses will not be able to provide you with the toilet paper so it's better to carry your own.

You need to be extra careful and should always be careful about being hygienic. You can carry hand sanitizer and toilet papers of your own this way you can assure yourself you are not getting infected or anything. Only the toilets and bathrooms at very high-altitude tea houses have these small problems but you can get well-facilitated toilets and bathrooms until you reach a very high altitude.


  • Tea houses/Lodges at high altitude does not have any bathrooms but you can still take shower at Toilets. But it is impossible to take a bath at high altitude. Here you can get cold water for free where you must pay extra dollars for a hot shower. The cost of hot water ranges from $1-$3 depending on the trekking altitude.
  • Another important thing you need to know is tea houses offer charging facility for your devices, but it cost you extra. You need to pay $2-$3 per hour for charging your devices. Some teahouses may provide plugs in your room you can charge from those plugs freely but if there’s not you need to pay to charge your device. During Peak seasons charging cost may rise or you may not be able to get charging port at all.
  •  If you want to be connected while on the trail, then you can purchase a prepaid Data SIM Card. Ncell offers high-speed 3G internet services for the Everest region. SIM cards are cheap and available in many stores in Kathmandu. Besides this, the teahouses on the EBC trail also provide internet facilities for a surcharge of around $3-$5 per hour.

Now, we have described everything we have known and gathered information about tea houses and lodges on the Everest Base Camp trail. If you want to Know more about the itinerary and map you can visit Everest Base Camp Trek Detailed Itinerary and Everest Base Camp Trek Map.