ATMs And Internet Facilities During The EBC Trek

  • Last Updated on May 22, 2024

Everest Base Camp Trek connects you with the Himalayas and nature. Modern facilities like ATMs and Internet facilities during the EBC Trek may sound a bit off. But, It can add to a comfortable and safe journey for trekkers.

The EBC Trek is one of the technically challenging trails in Nepal’s Himalayas. However, being a commercial hiking route this place provides limited facilities including ATMs and the Internet.

These things are considered one of the most important amenities that the trekkers need during the trail walk, so they are available at least readily. Most ATMs are available in Lukla and Namche only. However, you can find the internet facilities from Lukla until Gorakshep at your comfort and with some charges, of course.

This blog will cover the available ATMs and Internet facilities during the EBC trek in detail.

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Why do you need an ATM during the Everest Base Camp Hike?

Trekkers need to consider many things before trekking. One of the main factors to consider is finance. It is necessary to carry the required money before traveling.ATM is necessary for those trekkers who carry less money or overspent.

ATMs can be important during medical emergencies, sudden transportation costs, or unpredicted circumstances. You don't need to carry a lot of money throughout the trek. You can withdraw smaller amounts as per your requirement. It will reduce the risk of loss or theft. Some guest houses or lodges may also accept card payments up to Namche Bazar throughout the EBC Trek. 

It is necessary to carry sufficient cash and have a backup plan before the trek. Yet, Having access to an ATM can help for an additional peace of mind.

What is the availability of ATMs in Khumbu?

Banking or ATM facilities at such high altitudes may not seem possible. But, ATM facilities are available during the trek. Trekkers can use the ATM facilities at two checkpoints. You can use the ATMs, either in Lukla or  Namche Bazaar. There are many banks in Lukla and Namche Bazaar. 

You can find Rastriya Banijya Bank, Kumari Bank, Siddhartha Bank, and Nepal Invested Mega Bank in Lukla. Similarly, you can find Nabil Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, and  Siddhartha Bank in Namche Bazaar.

ATMs and Internet facilities during the EBC trek cannot be found above  Tengboche. Thus, It is better to withdraw sufficient cash when you're in Lukla or Namche Bazar. 

What if you lose your money or finish it?

Losing your money or finishing it can be a challenging problem for the trekkers. You can carry a secondary source of money for emergencies. You can carry enough money in a hidden pocket just for emergencies.

If you’re a foreigner, you should immediately contact the embassy of your country. They can provide guidance and assistance. They can also help you connect with financial resources for support.

You should remain calm during the whole process. Being stressed out will only cause more problems. Thus, it is better to choose a trekking operator to host your trek. In that case, even your guide or the company itself can lend you sufficient money. This way you can always be in a safe zone.

Internet Facilities during the trek

EBC Trek can be a breakthrough for a lot of people. People mostly do a trek to get a break from the modern world. Thus, internet connectivity can sound odd to travelers. Yet, it can be used as an information tool. The Internet is available in guest houses.

Guest houses in  Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Longbuche, and Gorakshep provide Wi-Fi to the guests. You need to pay a certain charge to access the wifi above the height  Also, you cannot use the Internet above the height of Gorakshep. You cannot find any  ATMs and Internet facilities during the EBC trek above Gorakshep.

You can access the Everest Link wifi recharge cards in your hotel or lodges. The current recharge card provides wifi for 48 hours. The Wi-Fi hotspots of Everest Link are located in many places in the Everest region. One can find it in Lukla, Phakding, Monjo, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorakshep, and Pheriche.

You can also use the mobile network. For that, You need to have a SIM card. There are many options for a SIM  card like Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell.

It is said that NTC works well below Lukla while Ncell works well above Lukla. You will mostly find recharge cards in commercial areas such as Lukla and Namche Bazar.

Trekkers also have the option of using satellite phones. However, It is a limited and expensive option. 

Choosing the right local service provider for using mobile data and phone calls

You need to choose a local service provider for using mobile data and phone cells. You can purchase a Nepali SIM card from a local mobile network provider. It is better to buy a SIM card when you're in major cities like Kathmandu. It won't be a hassle if you buy it in major cities. You can easily find them.

Ncell and NTC (Nepal Telecom) are the two major mobile network providers. It has decent coverage in Nepal and many parts of the Everest region. NTC  is another local provider. It is also a suitable option.

If you are a foreigner, you need to have a passport to buy a SIM card. You also need a recently clicked ID Card photo. After choosing which service provider to use, you need to fill out their respective form and submit Nrs 100. Ncell is a better option.

How to connect with your agency or others in case of signal loss?

You can face many technical challenges during the EBC trek. You can have problems like signal loss.

You can carry a satellite phone for emergencies. You can also discuss meeting points with the agency in case of signal loss. One can carry a Walkie-Talkie or any messaging device. You shouldn't stress out in case of Signal loss. Even after signal loss, you should never leave your crew.

During the EBC trek, some places receive signals while some don’t. You can consult with your crew and carry on your Trek. Eventually, you will land at a place where you can get a signal. 

Recharge Cards for communication during the trek

Recharge cards are important for Telecommunications during the EBC Trek. You can find recharge cards in commercial areas like Lukla and Namche Bazaar. Guest houses also provide recharge cards to trekkers. You have the option of buying a 50,100 and 500 Nrs of Recharge card.

Using a recharge card is easy, too. You need to scratch the protective layer of the recharge card and insert the number provided. You need to prioritize when to use the mobile network. Since the mobile network is limited, it is better not to use it excessively.

How much Money should you carry from Kathmandu? 

It is never a good idea for an agency to suggest to you the right amount of money carry during your walk. However, we suggest you carry a sufficient amount according to your way of hike.

If you are spending on food

If you are spending a lot of money except for the food that you get on the package then remember the menu. The higher you get the higher the prices are. On average, you can calculate $7-10 per extra meal until Tengboche while $12-15 per meal above that.

If you are spending on souvenirs

This topic can be never sure as we never know what you want to buy. So, roughly, you can carry around 20 to 25 thousand NPR for buying souvenirs from Khumbu.

For tipping your guide and porter

Nepal does not have a tipping culture. However, your guides and porters expect some for you. We usually do not recommend a certain amount. But the usual tipping rate is at least 10% of the total amount you paid to the agency. The rest tipping depends upon you.


Everest Base Camp Trek may be challenging. But there are good facilities for the comfort and safety of trekkers. You can find ATMs and Internet facilities during the EBC Trek. ATMs in such high altitudes can have many technical problems. So, It is better to carry the required cash with a better plan. 

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