All About Everest Trekking | Distance, Length and Elevation

  • Last Updated on Jun 24, 2023

Everest base camp trek, the famous trekking trail is known all around the globe, a dream of travelers from all around the globe. But many travelers are unknown about the Distance they need to hike, the length of the trail they are going to explore, and the elevation where they will be at. Unknowingly they travel to Everest base camp and are not able to complete it as some of them are affected by altitude sickness and so.

Number of Days Vs Elevation of Everest Base Camp Trekking

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Everest base camp trek is a moderate trek for those who have walking experience of about 5 to 6 hours a day. But it's harder for those who have less experience with hiking and walking. Basically, during the Everest base camp trek, you need to at least hike for about 5 to 6 hours a day so if you are to prepare for that you are ready to do the Everest base camp trek. Now, we will talk about the distance, length, and elevation of the Everest base camp trek.

Wild Mountains of Everest Region

Everest base camp trek is approximately 130 KM starting from Lukla. However, the Everest Base Camp trek feels far longer as you will be taking a day or two off for acclimatization. It is very much impossible to complete the Everest base camp trek without taking any acclimatization. You will not be able to breathe as normal at a higher altitude as the air gets thinner the higher you go up. Increasing the chances of getting altitude sickness.

But the length is determined accordingly to how the package is designed. Normally, the Standard 14 days Everest base camp trek has a hiking schedule of 9 days with an average of 15 KM a day.

Trekking Map of Everest Base Camp Trekking

You can hire a porter so that you can have someone to carry your luggage and focus on getting yourself to Everest base camp safely. Though the trek is short, and you only have to cover 15 KM that 15KM is a much tougher hike as you will be hiking on snowy trails and steep hills.

To make the walking less difficult you can have a porter who will carry your large bags. This will allow you to focus on getting yourself safely to EBC and back down the trail.

Porter Carrying the Luggage of clients during Everest Trekking

You will be walking 9 days with an average of 15km a day on a standard 14-day trek to EBC. The remaining days will be for rest, acclimatization, and in Kathmandu.

Although 15km per day did not seem long, the steep and rocky terrain, gradual ascent, and high altitude will slow you down. This is more difficult in winter when the snow and ice cover the trails.

But, it is still safe to say that the distance is very attainable for people from all age groups.

Ama-Dablam :symbol of paradise

You can complete the Everest Base Camp trek in 10, 11,12, or more days. This depends on one’s physical strength and time preference.

Whatever the distance you cover each day, you will have many options for food and accommodations along the route. Although tired you will become after day-trek, your tiredness exhausts in the cozy beds and warm soups of the tea houses end route.

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Himalayan Scenery

Himalayan Scenery