How to Select a Trip

If you are thinking of backpacking and going exploring a new destination and going on new holiday adventures, then a big question arises! “Where to go?” and “How to select a trip that best fits me?”.  Selecting a trip sometimes even gets tougher when you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. Every traveler throughout the globe feels daunted by the prospect of planning their holiday trip. When your mind is overloaded with information, destinations, and glossy images; you will have a hard time narrowing down where you should go actually by yourself or with your family. We, at Himalayan Scenery Treks, understand this dilemma of the traveler, and so as to assist you, we have prepared a guideline that will help you narrow down your selection for the trip to Nepal.  

Various factors are to be considered about the selection of the trip in order to ensure that you will be happy with your decision without any regrets after the completion of the trip. From selecting a destination to the choice of the company or agencies, that you are going to travel with, every little aspect determines whether you are going to enjoy your trip or turns into a disaster which will fill you up with nothing but regrets.  So, before going on a trip or a holiday, make sure to gather all the information about the company or agencies. Gathering the information helps you with your utmost satisfaction and safety throughout your trip.

While selecting a trip to Nepal, the key important things that need to be considered are your health condition, climate, altitude, geography, and many more. In order to help you make the right decision in selecting a trip in Nepal, we have provided some hints, which will help prior to confirming your journey with the precise selection of the trip.


Health is one of the key factors you need to consider above all before you select a trip to Nepal. Nepal is a fascinating country to visit, with lots to see and do. But In order to successfully end your trip, your health must be in utmost condition. Traveling in Nepal is not an easy task, due to its setting. If your health is not at its best, then traveling through the high altitude mountainous may prove to be fatal for your health. “Health is Wealth” best fits here if you have the plan to witness the magnificence of Nepal and its beauty, - better know your health condition before you start your trip in the wilderness of Nepal.

Weather and Surroundings

The weather and surrounding of your destination place are also crucial elements you need to know before a trip. Most of the trip in Nepal takes you to altitude of 3,000 meters and more. The weather in the high-altitude region of Nepal is unpredictable. In a minute the weather changes from pleasantly warm to freezing cold. So, you need to prepare accordingly to withstand the freezing temperature. Also, consider yourself if you can resist such a climate or not.


While traveling through the wilderness of Nepal, strength is what you need. The high mountainous region of Nepal, is under-developed, due to which you need to rely on your own strength. If you are able to withstand the hardship and have good walking strength, then join in the strenuous trekking however just go for a moderate and easy trekking trail.


Most of the trekking in Nepal takes you to the altitude of 4000 meters and above sea level. At that altitude, the air is thin. Due to the less air to breathe in, some people have difficulty breathing or even may suffer from Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) and coldness. So before you set off for the trip, better know about the altitude you are going.

Be at One With Nepali Wildlife

If planning for mountain sickness is a common oversight, then it’s no surprise at all that many trekkers don’t think much about what wild animals they may encounter in Nepal.  What you may have heard about is the dangerous Snow Leopard, but actually, they’re incredibly rare.  Similarly, tigers and rhinos don’t live in the mountains, but it’s a very good idea to look into which areas might be inhabited by black or brown bears.

What you almost certainly will see are hairy yaks, especially those used by locals to carry heavy loads.  If you encounter one on a mountain trail, give it a wide berth and stay on the mountainside rather than the ridge!


It is very important to know your budget limit before selecting the trip. All through traveling in Nepal is much cheaper, but also don’t waste your money on extravagance. Before you start your trip, make sure to have travel insurance. To know more about insurance policies that your travel insurance should cover read the Travel Insurance blog on our website.


Planning the holiday or trekking according to the duration of leisure is most important. When you set off for the holiday, planning longer than the actual holiday or leisure time may ruin your entire trip. However, making a short holiday trip helps you to enjoy your leisure time to the utmost without having to worry about anything. So, make a short and easy trek if you have less time, or else you can join for a long day’s adventure trip.


You should have enough knowledge about the facilities you can have in that area. Facilities about communication, transportation, lodging or camping, food, emergency rescue, etc. are required to be considered carefully. If you are traveling in the remote areas of Nepal, you need to be flexible, as you don’t find many cozy rooms where you can relax, and the facilities are also limited.