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On Birthday of our formal CEO, Ramkrishna Timalsina organized a small charity program for Orphanage “First Ray of Hope - Nepal”. He celebrated his birthday with the children who were under the care of this foundation. Ramakrishna donated a certain amount of money to the charity and he provided clothes for children of Foundation.

Brthday Celebration with CEO of Himalayan Scenery Treks

Due to his small effort, the children were motivated, and they were happy to collect their new clothes for the upcoming great festival “Dashain”. “First ray of Hope (FROH)– Nepal” is an NGO who promises to provide better shelter, quality education, health care, food and clothing to those children in Nepal who are parentless, deprived and disadvantaged. They also administer to their emotional needs with love and compassion, allowing them to grow up in a healthy nurturing environment. Their mission is not just to rescue children from abject poverty, but to offer the children opportunities and enable them to develop and realize their potential.

Group Photo of Childrens from orphanage

Himalayan Scenery Has been doing volunteer work on various NGO. We have been able to improve lots of lives of people suffered from poverty. During the massive earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 took several lives and many schools were destroyed and many children became orphan. We organized various campaign and seminars to improve the conditions and help rebuild the schools, provide the people with tents and various supplies to help them get back to their normal life.

Birthday Celebration with children from First ray of Hope - Nepal

Ramakrishna Timalsina helped to rebuild a lot of schools and provided the equipment’s for children so they can get back to their education and continue their study. He also participated in various NGO as a volunteer to help them out on their campaign to help people who were severely injured by an earthquake and make the campaign successful.

If you want to volunteer for making the lives of orphan and poverty child good you can join Himalayan Scenery and do some volunteering with us. You can help them grow bigger and smarter.