• Mr. Ram Krishna Timalsina

    Mr. Ram Krishna Timalsina

    Founder and CEO

    Mr. Ram Krishna Timalsina is originally from Achhane -06, Tripureshwor Dhading. 35 years young entrepreneur has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and his first step in the tourism industry was on 2000 A.D as a Sherpa guide for some years. During the time he got an opportunity to lead the tourists to almost all trekking regions In Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and his years of practical experience helped him to set up this Reputed Company now. After working as a guide for four years he worked as the Guest Relation manager in a trekking company from 2004 to 2006.Timalsina always had passion and devotion towards tourism business. Because of his enthusiasm and continuous hard work, he achieved the success one after another within a short span of time in this industry. His sound of strong enthusiasm and long years’ experience being involved in tourism pushed him to establish own company Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd in 2005 with his team. Himalayan Scenery provides trekking and tour services to 2500 tourist per year. With 16 years of experience, now he has become a successful entrepreneur in tourism.  He is the managing director of Himalayan Scenery and also providing his contribution being affiliated with other various agencies. He is Treasurer in Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and is an active member of Lions Club of Kathmandu, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF) and Tourism Volunteering Association of Nepal.

  • Smaika Budhathoki

    Smaika Budhathoki

    Manager, With Himalayan Scenery Since 2010

    Samika Budathoki was born Okhaldhunga Eastern Part of Nepal. Graduated from Tribhuvan University, Samika has been contributed to the tourism industry since 2009. Working as an office manager in Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition since 2010, she has shown outstanding performance to run and promote business. As the Manager of Himalayan Scenery Treks, Ganesh plans and implements what is best for our company and organizes treks that sets us apart from other trekking agencies. It is also her who maintains an excellent relation between our company and our clients.Before Himalayan Scenery, she gathered experience and in-depth knowledge about the tourism industry as a trekking guide. She has also worked as Guest Relation Manager in Hotel Access Nepal Pvt. Ltd. And Hotel Festoon. She is the founder of Namuna Agriculture Farm Pvt. Ltd. and the president of the Namuna Nepal Foundation. Apart from this, she has also participated in the International Tourism Promotion forum. 

  • Santosh Baniya

    Santosh Baniya

    Guest Relationship Officer, With Himalayan Scenery Since 2008

    Santosh Baniya is a friendly and polite person. He has been in this industry since 2007. He is very active and hardworking. He first started his career as a porter, later he started working as a porter and trekking guide helper. Working as a helper guide he was able to gather detailed information about the places he visited and was able to plan the trip accordingly. He later gained experience, started working as a trekking Guide /leader. He first started his career as a porter from Himalayan Scenery and now he has promoted himself to be the manager at the same company. He is one of the most trustable staff in the company.If you are having any queries about packages or any other information that you need to know; you can contact him by office phone number or you can mail him at booking.himalayanst@gmail.com.  He can help you with every matter that concerns trekking to the Himalayas and the tours available in Nepal. Educational Qualification:Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) from Public Youth Campus.Qualifications:Trekking Guide Training from Government of NepalFirst Aid Training from Kathmandu Environmental Education ProjectEco Trekking Workshop & Adventure Meet TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association Of Nepal)Basic Rock & Ice Climbing & Mountaineering Nepal from Nepal Mountaineering AssociationLanguages:SpanishKoreanEnglishHindiExperiences:He has experience as a trekking guide for 12 years and is familiar in every trail in various trekking region of Nepal. He held diverse knowledge about terrain and landscape on these following regions. You can consult him if you are confused about what type of trekking you want to do.Everest RegionAnnapurna RegionLangtang Region 

  • Ramesh Thapa

    Ramesh Thapa

    Germany Representative

    Ramesh previously was a dedicated guide who has been working with Himalayan Scenery Treks for 7 years. He is one of the most dedicated personals who has experienced the Himalayas and had lots of experience about the climbing and trekking.Ramesh has recently moved to Germany and now he is the Germany travel consultant for Himalayan Scenery treks and works with the team in ensuring our services meet the need of the European Markets. As he has experienced both trekking and expedition in the high Himalayas, you can consult with him before you book a trip to the Himalayas.Ramesh has been a travel guide for about 7 years. Ever since he has moved to Germany he has been working as an outdoor manager in a travel company and is a representative for Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. He is dedicated to his work and can provide you with the best information if you are thinking of traveling to Nepal.

  • Angela Bautista Moreno

    Angela Bautista Moreno

    Spanish Representative

    Address: Madrid, SpainPhone: (+34) 620980040Mail: bookings.hstspain@gmail.com

  • Narayan Thapa

    Narayan Thapa

    Trekking Leader

    Narayan Thapa is one of the most experienced trekking leader and shines throughout various destination of Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Mustang regions. He has been working as trekking leader since 2002 AD and has lots of experience about the trekking trails.He is most likely the best trekking leader around the area. He has experienced various situation and has been able to lead the trekkers through it. If you are traveling with Narayan, your journeys are going to be one of the most exciting and thrilling experience.He has known every trail, corners, path, and villages throughout his 16 years’ experience. He is not only fit, strong and energetic but also smart which is a plus point for travelers as the trekking leader will be leading you to the destination. And if he is smart he can tackle you away from any kinds of situations.You can learn more about the Himalayas, explore around them and get to know the local lifestyle of Himalayas People as Narayan will be steering you around the Himalayas in patience. You will get plenty of time for you to soak in the Himalayan bliss. He has worked his way up and is now one of the most respected trekking leaders with Himalayan Scenery Team.

  • Gakul Timalsina

    Gakul Timalsina

    Trekking Leader

    Gakul, typically a strong guy with a strong mentality. He can tackle you through any situations and you can be 100% sure that your trip is going to be the safest and most fantastic. He has been working as trekking leader since 2010. During his 8 years’ experience, he has been able to analyze the most of situations and trails he has been to.You will have undoubtedly the craziest and thrilling trip if you are traveling with our trekking leader Gakul Timalsina. He has done over 100 trips to Everest base camp and other destination including Annapurna and Langtang region.  He is licensed by Ministry of tourism in Nepal. Gakul is extremely funny and knowledgeable at the same time. He has known every path and trails that lies ahead on your journey. You can travel and explore around the Himalayas carefree while you are traveling with Gakul.

  • Gopi Thapa

    Gopi Thapa

    Trekking Leader

    Gopi started as a trekking guide from his early 18, and he is the youngest but energetic trekking leader around. He has lead the path towards various destination in Nepal such as Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region and Dolpo region. He has been in this field for 7 years and now he has experienced the trail and learned about the Himalayas.He can lead you around the Himalayas, you can explore more facts if you are travelling with him. He is young, energetic, social and polite. He is licensed by Ministry of Tourism in Nepal. Gopi is extremely knowledgeable for any trip, from a short excursion to the long and challenging off the beaten track treks.Displaying his true colours along the ill-defined Himalayan trails, he is there to offer the visitors a unique journey that one will only ever experience once in lifetime.