One Day Cycling Tour

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  • Duration 1 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate


  • Discover the magic and mystery of Kathmandu Valley.
  • Explore Newari Culture and rich flora.
  • Soaring snow-capped Himalayan peaks.
  • Guided Biking Trip in & around Kathmandu.
  • A colorful array of bustling streets, historic sites, exquisite temples, and religious sites.

Kathmandu Valley offers some of the best and most amazing tour experiences for all levels of riders. Peddling away from the hustle and bustle city of Kathmandu; you will reach the peaceful and delightful world of wooded slopes, small settlements, hidden temples, and the magnificent views of some principal peaks of Nepal including Mt. Makalu and Mt. Annapurna. A cycling tour around the Kathmandu valley offers an excellent opportunity to explore the magic and mystery of this wonderful city of Temples.

This one-day Kathmandu Valley Cycling Tour will take you to the elevation of 2200 meters; which passes through several exotic locations dotted with most-revered temples, medieval cities, picturesque Newari villages, and traditional farms. The Himalayan range always stands majestically in the backdrop of the valley. Besides, this two-wheeled adventure-guided ride will help you experience the joy and thrill of off-road mountain biking in the most epic landscape on earth.

If you are a person who loves biking, then join us on this one-day trip to explore the wonders of the Kathmandu valley. We at Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition- your safety is the most. We and our team will make sure that you enjoy this one-day cycling trip to Kathmandu with full joy and excitement.

Note that you can also extend your trip to Pokhara, Chitwan, and many other beautiful places.

1. Mudkhu-Tokha Trail

Mudkhu -Tokha Trail is for those people who want a little exercise and plenty of fun. This mountain biking trail is ideal for beginners because of its easy access from the heart of Kathmandu i.e. Thamel. From Thamel, it is a roughly two and a half-mile ride through the city road.

Peddling through the paved road gives you a way to the small village of Mudkhu. This village is one of the best destinations for day hikers and mountain bikers as it provides Ariel view of the Kathmandu Valley. Advancing further ahead on the two wheels, passing through vast farmlands we will arrive at the village of Tokha. It is a small Newari town, renowned for its Newari Culture and Cuisine. You can try some local Newari Cuisine just to give some flavors to your trip. We will conclude on a cycling trip once we arrive at the hotel.

2. The True Mountain Biking Experience: Kakani to Budhanilkantha

Kakan- Budhanilkantah cycling trail is one of the most challenging trails in Kathmandu valley. This extreme mountain biking trail takes you all the way to the magnificent hill station on the valley rim; Kakani (2030 meter) and then drops all the way down to Budhanilkantha – a Hindu open-air temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The statue of Lord Vishnu was carved in the seventh century.

3. Uphill Racing: Budhanilkanta Kapan Trail

This technical ride of about 5 – 6 hours, on a splendid paved road, will lead you to the city of Budhanilkantha. Budhanilkantha is one of the most popular Hindu open-air temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The statue of Lord Vishnu in the Budhanilkantha temple was carved in the seventh century. On the way to Kapan, we pass through two Buddhist monasteries as well. If the time favors us; we can have a short visit to the gompas (monasteries) and interact with nuns and monks.

We will commence on our two-wheel ride from the heart and touristic city of Kathmandu; Thamel. We begin our journey on a paved road to Budhanilkantha. Once we reach Budhanilkantha, we will take a short break and then continue our uphill ride toward Shivapuri National Park. After an hour or two of a difficult climb, we arrive at the vantage point which offers an excellent view of the Himalayas and the Kathmandu Valley. From this point, we will start our downhill ride. This portion of our tour requires a fine degree of expertise in maneuvering mountain bikes as the way is very steep. Once we reach the bottom of the hill, we will paddle on the easy and smooth way towards Kapan.

4. Jungle run: Jamacho Route

It is another biking route that is easy to access to Thamel. However, this trail is a bit more difficult than the Mudkhu Tokha Trail. This moderate biking trail will take you on a 21- Km serpentine road to the top of Nagarjun hill.

We will begin our tour from Thamel and ride our way to Nagarjun Forest. Entering the forest, we will ride on a switch-back trail, uphill and downhill tracks to enjoy the scenic view of Nature and the scenes of the mighty Himalayas. Paddling the bike in a calm and pleasant environment for about two hours, we will arrive at the top viewpoint of Nagarjuna hill. The top viewpoint offers some amazing views of the Himalayas. A short downhill ride through the wilderness of forest reaches Mudkhu village.  This village is one of the best destinations for day hikers and mountain bikers as it provides Ariel view of the Kathmandu Valley.

5. Kathmandu Nagarkot Route

Nagarkot is a covetous excursion destination, located 30 Km east of Kathmandu. This amazing hill station at an altitude of 2175 meters, is one of the best destinations in Kathmandu valley, which has claimed to spellbind every visitor with its out-of-the-world beauty. This magnificent hill station is the best place to witness the unobstructed vistas of Annapurna and the gigantic Everest. Apart from the view, Nagarkot is famous for its lush green environment, terraced field, chill weather, and awe-inspiring sight of sunrise and sunset which will surely keep you in a hypnotic trance.

After early morning breakfast in Kathmandu, we will start our tour to Nagarkot. Riding on a bike we slowly move outside the Kathmandu valley and take a curvy and treacherous road to Nagarkot. After a gentle uphill climb for 3 hours, we will arrive at the hill station of Nagarkot. From this place, you can have a stunning view of the Himalayas. After spending an hour or two in the calm environment of Nagarkot, we will ride downhill back to the hotel.

Cost Details


  • International brand bikes and helmets (The brands include Cube, Trek, and Giant hardtail or full-suspension bikes, depending on your choice)
  • Meals during a tour.
  • Remuneration to a biking guide with technical know-how.
  • Company’s t-shirt, cap, and a day pack (provided as complimentary gears).
  • Support vehicle for emergency use only.
  • All government and local taxes


  • Alcoholic drinks and cold drinks.
  • Items of a personal nature (phone calls, laundry, etc.).
  • Tips for Guide and Driver (Tipping is expected)
  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the 'Cost Includes' section above.

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In Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, your safety precedes every other thing. We will do everything in our power to make your holiday as adventurous as possible. However, we expect you to understand that the execution of the trip planned may be subsequently altered by an array of uncontrollable factors like bad weather, political turmoil, strikes, blockades, and other unforeseen contingencies. In such unforeseen circumstances, the trip plan might go slight or sharp alterations, as per the situation and the best interest of the clients.For any alterations or changes on the trip, Himalayan Scenery Treks cannot be heldresponsible for the consequences.

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