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How fit should I be for trip, is the trip suitable for me?

This trek is suitable for average people who are moderately fit, thus no previous experience is required. Some physical fitness programs such as running, swimming, hiking is recommended before you embark on your journey. Whilst on the trek, it is common to experience some discomfort before being fully acclimatized.

To prepare for a strenuous trek like this you should begin training at least two to three months before your departure. As a guideline, an hour of aerobic exercise three to four times per week would be considered a minimum requirement. The best preparation is bushwalking involving relatively steep ascents and descents. If you can manage a couple of valley floor to ridgeline ascents per comfortable and able to enjoy the trek to the fullest. They are physically strong, sharp-witted and have an incredibly positive attitude towards a life that we would consider extremely tough. There is something about a trek in the Himalaya that draws you back time and time again. For keen walkers, it is a paradise and even avowed non-walkers find that one foot just seems to follow the other, drawn by the appeal of what lies beyond. 

Depending on the destination you choose, determines how fit you should be for the trip. Every package on our website provides info about the difficulty grade. If the package has been rated easy then, whatever your condition you can do the trek and more about it is explained on the detailed itinerary. Easy rated package basically includes of short hiking and low elevation trekking. And if the package is rated medium then you should be at proper health and should at least be able to hike for about 5 - 6 hours a day. These packages do not involve trekking at very high altitude but still, you need to gain some altitude while trekking.