Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha is the most important Lord Vishnu Temple in the valley. Here you can observe the fine art which has been given the shape of the magnificent 5th century an image of sleeping Vishnu. Once you are here you can add more thrill to your tour by visiting the Shivapuri national park which is just above the temple itself.

The sculpture was incarnated back during the period of Licchavi. The sculptures have Lord Vishnu sleeping on a bed made from serpents. The sculpture is only the largest idol of Vishnu carved on a single stone.

The temple has its own myth and it follows a farmer who was working on his field when his plow suddenly stuck on a boulder. As he struck the boulder the boulder started bleeding and he began digging until the magnificent image of the reclining Vishnu was revealed. Then the temple was constructed. There is a big meal held at Budhanilkantha during Ekadashi, Harishayani, and Haribodhini. During these 4-month periods, it is believed that the Lord Vishnu retires from his sleep and you can wish for your prosperity and success in your life.