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Before you plan your trip, you need to know about the destination you are travelling to. The only way to find out about the route and other geographical you must study the map for that certain destination you are travelling to. Never travel anywhere without knowing its geographical info. It may sometime be unfavourable to your health.  So, Himalayan Scenery has designed a map for the various destination of Nepal. Everyone who is planning to travel Nepal with Himalaya Scenery can find the map to that certain destination by visiting the Map page provided on the package page.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Map

Everest is one of the most popular destinations around the globe that most of the travellers wish to visit. And every year thousands of traveller’s treks to the Everest Base Camp. Itinerary for Everest base camp may vary depending on the tour operators you are travelling with. Himalayan Scenery has designed a Map to Everest Base Camp which can clearly explain you the route and you can get additional info such as altitudes, and how much of altitude you are gaining on that certain day. Other than that, the map is clearly based on the Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary. You can find out the about places you are travelling while doing the Everest Base Camp Trek.

You can clear your doubts on how you are getting from one place to another as the map has clearly shown how we are travelling throughout the trek. You can also find out about the Himalayan range you can see while travelling through the routes. Simply, the map is easier to understand and gives you a clear idea on every simple thing you need to know about the trek. If you can’t understand the map you can view the Everest Base Camp trek itinerary which can give you a clear idea on how much you are walking and how much of elevation you are gaining per day.

Understanding map beforehand is very useful as you can determine yourself if you can travel the distance that trek has stated and how much of elevation you can gain with your physical states. Other than that, you can prepare yourself for the situation for that certain geographical region which can be very helpful during the trek.

So, if you are planning your trek to the Everest base camp you first need to know the detailed itinerary, trekking route and must understand the trekking map as well. For Everest Base Camp trek you can find out about the detailed itinerary, map and route in the link given down below.