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Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular and adventurous treks that you can do in Nepal. Every year thousands of travelers around the world trek to Everest base camp to explore the Himalayas of Nepal. To trek to Everest base camp, you need to book your trip earlier so that you can get good accommodations and good services including a professional guide and many more.

If you are planning on doing the g Everest base camp trek in the years 2023 and 2024 we have prepared the best dates to suit you. Doing so helps you manage the cost and get the best deals on your travel. The price may go up if you are traveling in 2023 and later in 2024, but once you book your package you get the package at the same rate and you will get good accommodation and services. Here’s the departure date for the Everest base camp trek for 2023 and 2024

Departure dates in 2022

Months of August 2022

Months of September 2022

Months of October 2022

The months of November 2022

The months of December 2022

The departure dates for 2023

Months of January 2023

Months of February 2023

Months of March 2023

The month of April 2023

Months of May 2023

The Months of June 2023

The month of July 2023

The months of August

Months of September 2023

Months of October 2023

The months of November 2023

The months of December 2023

The departure dates for 2024

Months of January 2024

Months of February 2024

Months of March 2024

The month of April 2024

Months of May 2024

The Months of June 2024

The month of July 2024

The months of August 2024

Months of September 2024

Months of October 2024

The months of November 2024

The months of December 2024

The given departure dates are for group joining. If you are solo or would like to join explore Everest Base Camp trek for 15 days with the group, please pick any of your suitable dates of them. 

If you are 2 or 2+ people in the group, you can request a private trip. 

Contact detils for private trip : [email protected] | + 977 9851149890 - WhatsApp