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For Nepal Trek, Nepal has some of the best trekking trail in the world, to and around several of the world's highest mountains, including Mount Everest. Many people visit the country just to trek and the tourism industry is well prepared to facilitate all manner of trekking styles and destinations. On the one hand you could spend a year planning an expedition to wild and lofty places, on the other you could land in Kathmandu with no plans and be on the trail to Everest Base Camp (EBC) in a matter of days.

In Nepal trek, the main areas for these treks are Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Helambu for the tea house trek.

Mustang, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Dolpo and Humla are in remote areas. Many of them require also special permits. these trek need to arrange camping.
Magnificent snow-peaked summits and quaint thousand-year-old villages provide the backdrop for an unforgettable adventure in Nepal. Exploring the dramatic landscape on foot is nothing short of extraordinary.

The back doors were open towards the view of Mount Everest and the other peaks of the Himalayas. Nepal trek which comes away with some of the greatest memories of life, from savoring locally cooked meals at teahouses to soaking in breathtaking views of the high Himalayas, according to adventurers.

There are endless options when it comes to planning a Trekking in Nepal trek. One of the most popular routes is the Annapurna Circuit, which loops around the base of the Annapurna range. And, of course, the more difficult Everest base camp trek is a magnet for many visitors.

Ever since Nepal’s tourism door was opened to the foreigners in the late 50s, it has been most well known most famous trek destination in the world. There are several routes to choose for Nepal trek but some routes are very popular. Langtang, Everest, Annapurna are probably the most popular trekking routes in the world. There are many reasons to be these routes most popular. This reason were introduced to trekkers especially foreigners long time before. There are many proves where tourists trekked before 1950.

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