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Pilgrimage Tour in Tibet

Mt.Kailash the navel of the earth as mentioned in Hindu epic as Mt. Mere is situated in the south west corner of Tibet” The roof of the world” STANDS 6714M is regarded as haven where the ‘God of the god’ Lord Shiva lives so, Hindus believes Mt.kailash the abode of lord Shiva. Not for only Hindus Mt Kailas has been object of word ship for four major religions. For Hindus it is the domain of Shiva the destroyer & transformer to the Buddhist, faithful Kailas is the abode of samara(a multiarmed,wartful deity worshipped in the chakrasamvara,tantric cycle of Tibetan Buddhism,)among titer it is be also known as khan Rimpoche or precious jewel of the snow. The sacred mountain not only to the Hindus or Buddhist but also as sacred to the other religion like bongo & joins. The navel from which the four great river flows to the four directions. The karnali which feds into the Ganges(south)yearlong tango(Brahmaputra, east)Sutlej(west)Indus(north)which gave birth to ancient civilizations.

At the lap of mt. Kailas are two vast lakes MANSAROVAR or Map ham Tso (victorious Lake) in Tibetan & RAKASTAL or demon Lake. Mansarovar which is mental creation of lord Barman (Hindu god, the creator of the knives) is created when his sons requested a place to bath after performing a Mahan Yoga (ritual performing). So Hindus believe that taking a dip into the holy lake wipe out the sins of hundred life time. Pure in beauty and tranquility in surrounding and the lake at the lap of Himalaya has remained a site of holy reverence for both the hindus from the south and buddihism, the sanctity of the lake and its power of spiritual healing have been held high for ages.. Making the round of lake and taking a deep in it is believed to be purging one’s soul from sins and the body from sickness. Hindus and Buddhist also make koru (circumambulation) around the lake as pilgrimage.

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