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Our Team

  • Mr. Ramakrishna Timalsina

    Mr. Ramakrishna Timalsina

    Managing Director

    Ramakrishna Timalsina was Born in a remote village of Dhading district, which is located North part from Capital of Nepal Kathmandu, he grew up with a special interest in outdoor sports- trekking/hiking, rafting & climbing. At the age of sixteen he came to Kathmandu after finished His High School Level. In Kathmandu he joined University & starting worker for other adventure travel companies as trekking porter (Sherpa) for some years. During the time he got an opportunity to lead the tourists to almost all trekking regions In Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and his years of practical experience helped him to set up this Reputed Company now.

    Timalsina, always had passion and devotion towards tourism business. His hard work and efforts made it possible for him to establish Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expedition in 2005 with His Team. Currently he is the managing director at Himalayan Scenery Treks, Hotel Access Nepal In Kathmandu & Hotel Festoon Pvt. LTD In Kathmandu Thamel. Other Part Mr. Timalsina an enthusiastic tourism entrepreneur, keen devoted in social work, an energetic fellow effort for Change the Society as good way, He is Helping through Himalayan Scenery Treks to the poor people for them Health & Education. Timalsina resolutely believes in charitable something back to the local community.

    Now, he has assumed the responsibility for Handle Himalayan Scenery Treks & Taking care of all the clients. He is a graduate in Business management from Tribhuwan University of Nepal. With his 16 years experience and expertise in tourism Industry, Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expedition has built an impeccable reputation for providing proactive, professional and efficient service that takes care of client’s entire travel arrangements from the date of booking till the end of the trip.

  • Mrs. Samika Budathoki

    Mrs. Samika Budathoki

    Business Development Manager

    Samika Budathoki was born OkhalDhunga Eastern Part of Nepal . which is located Trekking region for Mt. Everest Area, Samika graduated from Tribhuwan University. She is showing outstanding performance for Himalayan scenery Treks , she is always thinking how to promote Business & how to Run with technology, from administrative to technological. Following new business opportunities, planning different presentations, analyzing new product developments, overseeing the issues developing in the market, communicating new product development with the clients are some of the important works of Samika. Updating the website, adding more advanced features to the website.She is here to help for our group operation from ticket re-confirmation to reservation to create your itinerary. She have been working in tourism Industry over 8 years.

  • Tula Bahadur Thapa (Ramesh)

    Tula Bahadur Thapa (Ramesh)

    Assistant Guest Relation Manager

    Tula Bahadur Thapa (Ramesh) an Assistant Guest Relation Manager of Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expeditions is a young, enthusiastic and cheerful individual. A native of Dhading Tripureshwor VDC north Part of Nepal, which is also known for its touristic attraction the Ganesh Himal Mountain. As an Assistant Guest Relation Manager, Thapa is responsible for managing customer relation between the clients and the staff to ensure the smooth operation of the organization with complete customer satisfactory. He continues to provide superior customer service with all the clients even after they have returned from their expedition and tour in Nepal. His sincerity towards the organization in handling all our major group operations and dealing with all client issues is outstanding. Thapa, is one of the best employees we have and a great asset to us.

    Thapa has been working with Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expeditions since 2009 and he thoroughly enjoys his work. Apart from his responsibilities, at times he also takes the effort in assisting the marketing and has covered most of the major areas in Nepal. He focuses on providing all guests with above-and-beyond services to ensure their experience is worth remembering, and that all guests are happy and satisfied with the services we provided. Thapa has a great interest in social work as well. He loves to travel and also has a vast knowledge about Trekking and all the Tourist attractions from his previous experience working as a Guide.

  • Santosh Dhakal

    Santosh Dhakal


    Santosh has completed Master Degree in Account depart from Tribhuwan University, Of course he speak Fluently English, He was assigned to work as an accountant in our company since long. Mr. Dhakal has in-depth knowledge and experience in public relationship and enjoys interacting with people as this is a part of her study background. He also wishes to develop him fluency in Account schedule with his major subject in university. He is young, energetic and a hard working human being. Added to his profile as an accountant, He is also responsible for other clerical tasks in the company. we are very glad to have like Dhalak staff. Always his afford is acceptable to keep Clearer Account Depart.

  • Santosh Baniya

    Santosh Baniya


    Mr. Santosh has been a part of Himalayan Scenery Treks since 4 years as responsible receptionist after completion of his bachelor degree in travel and tourism. He is motivating, result-oriented, and dedicated person. He always wants to do something better with Himalayan Scenery Treks, he is always sincere with his depart.

    Santosh, A cheerful dedicated young man & Our Guest Always satisfied with his hospitality, he speak Good English & Korean, specially for Korean people he is easy access. Even till now he is university student too, He also check before start trekkers Documents like TIMS, Permit, Flight Ticket & Bus ticket, He is always call Guide & Porter to make ready position, He is honest employer & real Receptionist.

  • Mr. Karki (K.K)

    Mr. Karki (K.K)

    Trekking Guide (English & Chinese)

    A joyful and Happy character with extensive skills, Mr. K.K is a capable trekking guide. Since he joined our company, we found K.K is wonderful Knowledgeable Trekking Guide In Nepal, as a trekking Guide He have been all the part of Nepal Trekking trail & he able to share with Guest Local Information about any part. He start as a porter in This field & stapes by stapes he became One of the Excellent Profanation Mountain Guide. he has 12 years experience in This sector. he speak fluently English & Chinese.

    He is helpful, friendly, sincere and reliable personality has been indispensable. Having acquired a wide-range of trainings and becoming a licensed guide from the Ministry of Nepal Tourism he has been working effectively with our company. He is also a familiar face in the tourism industry of Nepal, having many years of work experience in similar fields. He brings with him expansive experience and a willingness to assist visitors with professionalism and dedicated service. His friendliness and hospitability will definitely make your visit to Nepal a memorable one.



    Trekking Guide (English & Japanese)

    Banjara who is originally from the countryside which is north west side of Dhading District. He has been working with HIMALAYAN SCENERY TREKS & EXPEDITION sine 2008. The interest which he do anything very well and is one of the friendly and extracurricular leader in the team. He is very much familiar with the best destination of Nepal like great-Himalayan range, around Annapurna, world highest Mountain, Mountain River and glacier, Nepali history, villager-walk, wildlife Animal and Nepal landscape. hi believe his own career. During his leisure time he want like much to do vegetable farming while his parent spend much to do at work in mountain-tarries. He speak very well English, Japanese & Hindi too. We always Have Excellent Feedback from Mr. BANJARA, our guest found on him..He ia Honest worker, Innocent looking, very helpful, well taking care & knowledgeable. He is Government License Holder Great ‘A’ Guide.

  • Balaram Khadka

    Balaram Khadka

    Trekking Guide (English)

    Mr. Bala was born Mountain Part Near Buy Ganesh Himal Region, Bala is an energetic young guy with enough experience in the trekking field as he has 16 years of experience as a guide & porter. He has done all the trekking routes in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Tour as well, He has taken guiding training provided by Ministry of Tourism with Trekking Guide License. After getting several experiences of versatile trekking regions with trekkers from different parts of the world, he knows the key point how to make clients happy. He have good skill & he speak Fluently English.

    Himalayan Scenery Treks Really Proud of Him, He is completely strong Mountain Guide. We are glad to introduce him as a guide that none of the trekkers commented negatively on his job. dutiful and fantastic guy according to trekkers. he is always ready for new thrill. Few years back, he realized that only tourism field of Nepal is not enough to provide satisfaction for the tourists and he started to guide in Tibet Kailash & Bhutan as well. We are pretty much sure that all the trekkers can enjoy with His warm hospitality in city & Mountain, he is really Good package for internment any difficulties.

  • Dev Khadka

    Dev Khadka

    Trekking Guide

    Dev is seriously fond of strenuous traveling and rather heroic. He has a very mature hand for this profession and continues to serve our company as a highly qualified trekking guide while delivering his best always. We have no hesitation in saying he can provide good guidance every moment throughout your entire traveling experience in Nepal.

    He started in Tourism as a porter & after enough experience he is Guiding all over the Himalaya range.He is licensed by Ministry of Tourism in Nepal and also holds a High Altitude First Aid Certificate. Dev is extremely knowledgeable for any trip, from a short excursion to the long and challenging off the beaten track treks. Displaying his true colors along the ill-defined Himalayan trails, he is there to offer the visitors a unique journey that one will only ever experience once in lifetime. He always want to be your third hand while you are traveling In Nepal.

  • Shiva Sedai

    Shiva Sedai

    Korean Speaking Guide

    Shiva , a licensed and Excellent certified trekking guide, is possibly our most famous guide because he speak English , Korean & Indian language fluently! He is known the length and breadth of Nepal for his action packed, thoroughly enjoyable treks. Customers request Krishna by name for their trips from personal experience on a previous visit or from recommendations from other travelers. His very much friendly demeanor and big heart make him a superb traveling companion. He has well knowledge about Nepal & world political situation.

    He is good trained in first aid, trekking and climbing from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Nepal Mountaineering Association and KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) .He is a flexible, knowledgeable and energetic guide, he loves big groups and solo trekkers of all ages and abilities. He never gets bored of walking the paths and sharing his knowledge of the mighty Himalayas. We believe he is always working favor Company & favor of our valuable client.

  • Kumar Lamsal

    Kumar Lamsal

    Trekking / City Tour Guide

    Kumar Lamsal is a well-known Tour and Trekking Guide in the Tourism Industry of Nepal. Born in the hilly region of Nepal, he has more than a decade long experience in the industry.  Started his career as a porter for almost two years during his earlier days is now working in this industry as a senior tour and trekking guide. He has travelled and trekked to almost all region of Nepal, making it as a wonderful hobby. Despite his involvement in tourism industry Mr. Kumar is a Post Graduate in Literature and a freelance advocate. He works as a volunteer in NGO’s in the field of educating children and also is a legal adviser to them. With deep knowledge in history, culture, religion, geography and mountains of Nepal, Mr. Kumar is down to earth in nature which has made him one of the most reliable and demanding guide in the industry of Nepal. His information about the culture and religion is one of his assets for our company Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expedition, we feel proud to have him as one of our core team member.

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