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Thamel Wanderings: Know the Things to Do in the Tourist Hub of Kathmandu

29 June Post by: Himalayan Scenery Treks and Expeditions

Thamel Wanderings: Know the Things to Do in the Tourist Hub of Kathmandu

Thamel Wanderings: Know the Things to Do in the Tourist Hub of Kathmandu

Thamel has gained its name as a synonym to the Nepalese tourism industry. It is so because of the availability of all necessary establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bar, trekking and tour agencies, shops and many more to explore here.

Prior to the 70’s, Thamel did not exist as the tourist hub of Nepal. Jhonchhe or Old Freak Street was the famous tourist hub back then. But as soon as the hippie movement came to halt in Nepal, tourism facilities and activities also moved to Thamel from Jhonhhe. Thamel now has almost everything that tourists may need when they are in Nepal. From good hotels to restaurants and bars; from book shops to yoga studios; from groceries to trekking gear shops; from coffee shops to tattoo studios and much more are available in the streets and alleys of Thamel. Most of the local trekking and tour companies also operate from this tourist district.

As almost everything that cultural and adventure travellers to Nepal might need is within easy access while they are in Thamel, many choose to stay here and enjoy the diversely vibrant atmosphere of this small area. While wandering around the streets of Thamel, you encounter with so many different people and things – from street vendors selling musical instruments, DVDs and handcrafted items to rikshaw pullers offering you their service.

If you are in Nepal for trekking, Thamel has everything that you need in the mountains – from trekking shoes to down jackets and all other trekking equipment. For foodies, Thamel has arrays of food choices in the restaurants here. Whether you like pizza or local food or want to try some street food, Thamel doesn’t disappoint you.  As they say Nepal is paradise for trekkers, likewise, Thamel is paradise for shoppers too. While strolling around Thamel, you come across so many souvenir shops, mostly of hand crafted goods that are typical to Nepal, that bring you the opportunity to spend some bucks getting you and your loved once beautiful souvenirs.

Your early mornings can bring you awesome days when you go to a yoga studio nearby and stretch yourself. And, yes, if you love to ink your body, you have it here too. Find a tattoo studio and just get the inked design of your wish in your body. Your wish of spending an easy time reading a book with the sip of coffee at a nice ambience can easily come true. Go to a book shop to choose a book and head to a coffee shop in the area. It’s easy to find. You run out of Nepali currency and you will find money changers or ATMs right next to you.

You can plan your trip to Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp or any other places in Nepal with the help of trekking and tour companies like us here in Thamel. Thamel is such a completely packaged place to stay and hang around in Kathmandu while you are travelling to Nepal. The more you explore this neighborhood, you feel you know the less about the wonders here. It is such diverse place to experience.


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