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Fagu Poornima(Holi) festive of colors


Fagu Poornima(Holi) festive of colors

Fagu Poornima(Holi) festive of colors

Holi (Fagu Poornima) is a major festival celebrated by Hindus. It is mostly celebrated in countries like Nepal and India while Hindus around the world also celebrate no matter where they are. Mainly the Holi is celebrated for two to three days in Nepal. Holi is considered the festive of color and joy as everyone pours colored water on each other and enjoys the day with delicious sweets and various foods.Holi signifies the victory of virtue and goodness over evil, the landing of spring, end of winter, and for some, a happy day to meet others, play and laugh, overlook and pardon, and repair broken connections. It is also believed that various colors takes away all sorrows and makes life more colorful.

People in Nepal walk around various cities by spreading their love with colors to the people they have known since long and even among the stranger they spread happiness. Kids in Nepal enjoy Holi by splashing colorful water to their friend’s family. Musical concerts and programs are organized in this festival. You can enjoy the colorful water with good live music in Nepal. Revelers, young and old alike, celebrate the festival, by smearing colors on each other’s face and throwing water-filled balloons.

We every year organize our own team for celebrating Holi which includes the trekkers (clients) and our company personnel. We go to the major places of Kathmandu cities with our clients and enjoy the festival to its fullest. We make sure that our client gets every bit of fun celebrating this festival.

If you want to experience your youth back we highly recommend you to take part in this fight of joy and color with some splashing water. You don’t have to worry about your place and appearance in fact in a place like that you will not know who you are you will be lost in the joy of colors. Be sure to put white t-shirts so that you can gather up some exciting memories to brag your friends about your Nepal Trip.

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