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Bhutan Travel Info

  • People & Culture of Bhutan

    The Bhutanese culture is one most cautiously protected and well conserved cultures in the world. The people of Bhutan realize that other than their centuries old culture and revered values, there is little else that is exclusive to their small and less developed country. In a bid to prevent their ancient customs from being influenced by the West, the…

  • Visa Information of Bhutan

    Valid passports and an entry visa are essential except Indian & Bangladeshi National. Travelers to Bhutan are permitted only as a member of a commercially organized tour group. This can be done directly or through a travel agent abroad. Visa clearances are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimpu and must be obtained before…

  • Wildlife of Bhutan

    In Bhutan over 160 species of mammals have been recorded so far including Tiger, Snow Leopard, Takin Red Panda, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Golden Langur. Other animals found in Bhutan are the Ganges River Dolphin , Golden Leaf Monkey , Particolored Flying Squirrel and the Wild Water Buffalo . Other endangered animals are also found in Bhutan…

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