• maximollydog
    United Kingdom Published: Saturday, November 04, 2017

    Himalaya Scenery and Trek Everest Base Camp Trip


    I saw the 15 day Everest trek advertised on Living Social early this year. I decided to book the trip direct with the company, through Ram the boss, at the same price £499. My trek took place in late September/early October this year, the weather was fantastic and I did it in shorts throughout. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough. It is the trip of a lifetime and if you are lucky enough to meet people similar to those that I did on the trek you will cherish the memories for the rest of your life. Ram arranges everything at the Kathmandu end and I was impressed with the transport arrangements and the Hotel Access. BK was our guide throughout the trek and he helped to make the trip an absolute joy with his humour, professionalism and understanding and care of those on the trek. Walk at his pace and you will not only complete the trek but you will also see all of the sights on route. Just a few points, remember that the toilets and the accommodation will be basic. You will not have the chance to wash properly very often. Wet wipes are essential. Do not take any of the food packages offered, it is far far cheaper to order and pay for what you want at the time. The guide takes your order and you pay him at the end of each meal, very slick and no effort. Take enough local currency from the start. Water is very expensive and increases in price the higher you get. Everywhere has free drinking water, take a platypus and some sterilisation tabs and you will be fine. In summary, I recommend this company and hope to book the Annapurna Trek through them for next year I also arranged my own flights to Kathmandu via Doha with Qatar Airways and can also recommend them. Hope this helps.