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    United States Published: Sunday, December 09, 2012

    great and impressive


    i was in nepal this spring for about 2 months. i came there with no big plan (what was good, because sometimes it's better just to be spontaneous). so i met Ram (one of the heads of the company) per accident and this was my luck. i did 3 treks with the company and all of them have been veryvery interesting! first one was a little individuel langtang-trek. this is/was a wonderful point about this company. you can make your trips as you like, talk with the guides and see what is possible and what's not. they will always take your inputs and ideas and look what we can do. this is a great opportunity! also the knowledge of the guides is great. they explain if you're wondering, named the things around and talk to the people if you need something or help. the treks i did with Balaram Khadka. He always gave a interesting vue about life in nepal. he choose restingplaces witch just were amazing. you can be sure, that he knows the area you'r walking in. the last trip was a two week trek by tent (Ganesh Himal), porters and a great cook. almost no other tourists...it was just an incredible experience. we were a great groupe:)!Nepal is a special, great, interesting place on this earth...and i'm going there again for sure. And i really hope i can do this with the same company and the same guide!