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    Australia Published: Monday, December 31, 2018

    Everest High Pass trek


    We did the Everest high pass Trek from the 8th of November till the 22th of November 2018.All the questions I had were answered in advance by email and the pickup from the airport was perfect.I especially want to give our guide Bikram khadka (BK) many thanks for doing a good job. He has a open personality, always has safety on his mind and was the best to hang out with. When one of our team members got sick BK did everything in his power to find a good solution and managed to do this as well. Also at the airport in Lukla when due to bad weather we could not fly, BK managed to get us on an earlier flight the next day!All was very good and we had a fantastic trek/holiday.Highly recommended!!Kind regards,Tjabel S